Divisive mechanisms

Two days ago I blogged about the concept “Sh-t and mortar”. A second piece to it is that it is quite apparent that there are specialists and leaders who have layers of this “sh-t and mortar” and have influence on aspiring specialists who are like sponges and ready to learn. Too often these types of people [Sh-t masons] are very influential and sought after for direction. This is a divisive mechanism within the industry. “He who speaks the loudest and uses the best idioms is not always right!” Many of us have stated before that if someone can not back up a statement with some tangible evidence, it is just an opinion. The real issue is that it is taken as the gospel because newbies feel it is the truth. At that particular moment the newbie’s head is wide open and the first or second layer of sh-t is applied. When someone, who ACTUALLY knows what they are talking about, contradicts that layer, he is unable to peel back that hardened layer. What does the newbie do? He/she goes back to the source of the hardened sh-t. It is then that an addtional layer is place upon him/her again to seal it-just like you do with concrete.

This cycle is a divisive mechanism that divides the industry. From a social media standpoint I see this everyday. Twitter has evolved into a place to give updates on how many sheets of toilet paper you use when wiping. LinkedIn has turned into the Spam scam store where, if you don’t watch who you connect with, you will be overwhelmed with special security motor oil that should only be used in protection. Lastly, Facebook has been the resting place for fakers and paper tigers.

I personally think that social media engines like Facebook and groups within LinkedIn should be micro Think Tanks and not a visit to the local barbershop. What was intended for good [conceived] has turned into place where people come to Internet spar, where experts are outnumbered by expats, and where people are coerced by opinionated leaks instead of being led by experience. Divisive mechanisms are being driven by divisive people who are disgruntled with their own position in the CRAFT and therefore spoil it for others.

Choose who you listen to wisely and allow the right people to help you peel back those divisive levels of sh-t and mortar. They are out there, I know this because I read and follow them.

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  1. Josh Lee

    Great subject. What some of these “specialists” who post on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook fail to realize is all of the spam, begging for work and know-it-all posts they put out there weakens our industry. When I first signed up for LinkedIn, I felt it would be a great networking tool, and can be if utilized the proper way. Now, you have to sift through so much spam and BS to find quality content…its sad.

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