Do you have another side

I totally enjoy the daily interactions on social media.  It’s a gaze into the eyes of the CRAFT and see what she has within.  On any given day there are countless moments of light hearted banter and silliness.  Last week Elijah Shaw had some free time and came of with some movie posters that he put together for a few of the administrators of the NABA page.  It filled the day with smart remarks and cracks that kept everyone in a well deserved funny time.  You have to have that when you can.  Of course, there’s was that one person that thought none of it was funny and challenged the posters.

Are you serious?  Are you that tightly wired that you cannot find anything to laugh about.  No one and I mean no one can last in this industry for any substantial amount of time being so tightly wound.  You are going to bust a vessel in your head and wind up sipping your food through a straw.  Yesterday I posted a pic of me wearing a Pakol hat and titled it, “On my way to Starbucks, don’t judge me.”  I did that on purpose to add some levity to the beginning of the day.  Doing so I knew I’d get the wise cracks which I expected.  I got comments like, “Eric will be detained and get renditioned” by Guyron Barnes which was funny as hell.  I kept the moment going by saying that when I wear that hat the Starbucks seemingly gets empty and there is no line for me to order.

So what is my point?  My point is simple, I avail myself to speak to people all the time but you should be warned that I am the type of person that is always looking to make everyone laugh.  If you are wound like a hay wire, our time together will be short.  Loosen up when there’s no need to be so tight.  LAUGH DAMMIT!

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