Do you have vision?

Yesterday I posted a statement that I read , “What’s worse than being blind is having sight with no vision.” The author of that statement is unknown to me so I can’t take credit for it.  The statement is extremely powerful and applies to every aspect of LIFE.  In this industry and from my exposure to the vast environment of specialists and company owners it is easy to see that there are way too many without vision.  In many cases most are near sited and cannot see beyond the here and now.  Quick fixes, focusing on shiny things have cause such a myopic perspective that is blinding.

When I say blinding I am referring to the fact that if you don’t have vision in what it is you are trying to accomplish as a specialist or as a company you will remain stagnant.  If you are training just for the sake of attending yet another course but that course has no real application to your intended platform, you have no vision.  You are stacking blocks that don’t accommodate any foundation or stability.  There is a simple sequential methodology in order to access success.  Putting the cart before the horse never works in any aspect in life.

Enough of the metaphors let me get to the down and dirty.  Stop focusing on courses that aer priced cheaper than those GOOD schools whose price point seems expensive to you.  The cost is higher for a reason.  You are paying for years of experience.  Let me put the disclaimer here, I am NOT saying that all high priced schools are implicitly good schools.  I am saying that in order to get good training, you are going to have to pay for that.  The low balling that is going on in the training sector of the industry are bottom feeders [Catfish].  Even if they have acquired a training manual from another school they will not be able to teach the course in the way that the authors intended each module, page and bullet point to be delivered.  In fact, each time that I teach the same modules, I may add another example, story or experience to further explain the point I am making in that module.

The order in which you choose courses have everything to do with vision over sight.  You know deep down inside that you should be registering for an EP course yet in the last 6 months you have taken 2 weapons course and actively taking Krav Maga.  From your perspective you are building a high speed operator based on near sightedness.  From our perspective, you are building nothing appealing.  Can you eventually get it together with everything you need to be appealing?  Yes, but think about how much time and money you have wasted before anyone will use you.

Tomorrow I will address the short sighted perspective of companies that are in the industry.  Companies without vision are absent of a visionary at the helm.  Those that are successful see well beyond the here and now and look at the tomorrows on the todays and they see next year this year.


  1. Simon Philibert

    Really like this blog Eric. I have to admit that I wasn’t seeing things that way before joining the NABA group on FB. I even posted it two days ago. After reading lots of comments about trainings & after having a quick convo with Mark James, I realized that I had to focus more on my strengths & what branch of the business would be the one I want to work in. Now I figured that out, I’ll be able to make better researches on what kind of training I really want/need & on what I need to work/improve on myself.

    Thanks Eric for being there & giving advices.

    1. Eric Konohia

      Anytime Simon. You are one of the intelligent ones amongst the social media specialists that I have interacted with.
      If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call me as well

  2. Simon Philibert

    Thanks Eric, this comment is much appreciated.

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