Don’t get too caught up

Over the years as I have seen and witnessed specialists working formations, especially the diamond, it is apparent that they are way too concerned if their position is perfect.  In doing this they are arbitrarily always looking for the principal to adjust their position on the formation.  Get over it!  There are so many factors that we have to deal with in the private sector and your formation will never look like it did in your EP school on that open parking lot.  We deal with people that are walking in and around our formations, we deal with clients that really could care less if you keep up with him/her etc.

The bigger issue is when a principal decides to do a crazy Ivan.  Meaning he/she decides to make a sudden turn that you were not aware of or even the worst, TURN around and go the other direction.  OH NO, goes off in your head followed by I need to get back to my original position.  Then the Keystone Cop Review begins.  I’ve witnessed this charlie foxtrot occur to even guys that call themselves seasoned vets.  The detail leader is so caught up in the fact that, I AM THE BODY MAN,  and need to be in the right rear 2 1/2 position that he/she literally gets in the principals path to do so.

What we teach at TheMTMS is a temperature system off of the formation.  It is way to easy yet complex to describe in a blog, but lets say that the way we teach it, no turn, spin or otherwise will ruin the integrity of the formation.  The deal here is that everyone must be comfortable no matter what position they are in and no that positions responsibilities.  In our system, sometimes the DL may be in front of the principal and the most junior specialist maybe in the slot position, but we allow for a smooth transition back to the original placements without and duress in the shift.  Even if the DL is leading, it does not lessen his role as the boss, he is just in another position in the formation.

No one teaches the temperature system and it works.  After years of watching how silly it looks when guys get so caught up in their position Mark came up with the system.  The symmetry of the Diamond, Box, Slash or whatever formation you use never is lost.


  1. James

    Great read . Me and a group of guys were just discussing that a few days ago using the analogy of the Syracuse mens basketball zone defense which they have been using for years in regards to how some times they leave wholes because guys are so used to running back to a/ there same spot instead of sometimes improvising and adjusting to the ball/ client . As you stated you have seen guys get in the clients way to try to make  formation. Good read 

    1. Eric Konohia

      Great analogy James. That’s exactly what I’m talking about

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