Don’t ignore the spouse

So you’re on a movement and your protectee brings his/her spouse yet your contract dictates that the spouse does not fall under your protective coverage. But don’t get too technical Sparky! You better give them their due respect or you’ll find yourself and your team flying home on the next thing hopping.

A spouse that feels that they haven’t been given their due attention has their finger on the trigger and can end your engagement under the contract as soon as you can say, “I am sorry.”

The respect I’m talking about has nothing to do with the “yes ma’ams, or no ma’ams.” But everything to do with things like getting them out of the limo properly as well as waiting for them as the principal starts moving.

You need to prepare ahead of time if they decide to get out on the driver’s side or if they decide to exit from the passenger side. Either way, they are part of your package. Common sense should tell you that a way to get to the principal is through their loved ones.

You’re in the venue and the spouse wants to go to the restroom, what do you do? Your protectee is still meandering amongst unknowns within the event. Do you send one of your specialists with the spouse? You should unless other factors dictate.

All of these questions I have asked is a decision that the detail leader needs to be wargaming from the time the spouse pops up on the radar screen. This radar screen scenario doesn’t start the night the spouse shows up. It starts when you initially know there is a significant other.

This is Mindset and why it is key.


  1. Kurt Jackson

    I agree with you about spouses. Sometimes I got paid for the extra duty and
    sometimes I didn’t.
    Point is if it makes your protectee happy and they don’t have to worry about
    their spouses welfare, then do it. Plus having a discussion with both of them
    about what’s what and who’s who can really help during the detail.

    1. Eric Konohia

      Thanks for your reply. And it goes without saying, that taking to them ahead of time is always advised. Thanks for bringing that up.

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