Don’t spend 1 cent unless it makes sense

About a week ago I was asked whether or not it makes sense to get a Virginia PPS license.  This question seemingly had come from a series of posts on the NABA site about the PPS license.  First, let me go on record and say that I personally feel that the way the governing body in Virginia – DCJS is the model for other states to follow.  They regulate every aspect of the security industry and there is a clearly defined licensed between a personal protection specialist, private investigator, security guard et al.  They have their own issues as any institution has however there is no gray area between licenses.  Many states that do not have the PPS distinction have enough gray area under the PI license that protection falls under that license.  Virginia was a pioneer in the licensing of executive protection and several states are trying to catch up in order to clearly regulate EP from guard services.

Then there are others where protection is only articulated as uniformed security wit special exceptions to operate in plain clothes for a special circumstance for a predetermined amount of time.  Specialists work around that gray area in the law by making sure they are off during that predetermined time period, therefore the “Calendar”starts again when they report back to duty.

If you do not live in or in the general vicinity of the state of Virginia it is worthless to apply for the DCJS VA-PPS license UNLESS, you know that you will be sent there on a regular basis.  If you are in a network that is willing to pay for your travel [flights or mileage] and you know that in the life span of the license you will recover you application fees, then maybe it’s worth having.  Savvy clients are steering away from flying specialists in to AO if they believe there are specialists in that state.  Let’s face it most new clients will invest more in the budget for signage and lights than they feel is applicable for security measures.  Yea that’s right, that bright sign that say’s “Registration” means more that having a suit posted up.  I am saying all of this because you have to make a wise decision on applying for the PPS if you are not going to be using it.  Lastly, if you carry a PPS license you can ONLY work for a Licensed Agency, meaning Joe Blow cannot hire you to cover him while he is performing in Richmond, VA.  He has to execute a contract with a licensed protection agency and you have to work under that agency.  That’s how it works therefore there is no freelancing.

If you get the PPS and you want to make yourself available for armed protection, then you’ll have to apply for the non resident CCW and also apply for the firearms endorsement card.  YOU GOT IT!  Virginia is a “pay to play” state.  You personal residential CCW ‘s reciprocity will NOT work.

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