Dressing the female specialist

Just about every 3 to 4 months we get into conversations about the male haberdashery, what to wear and what not to wear.  I searched high and low on all of the sites I frequent have not found any conversation about what females should wear and what they should not wear.  Disclaimer-I have no idea how to shop for women’s clothing but I can lead you in the right direction to get you on your way.

Business suits-In as much as men’s suits can get very expensive I would assume that the prices range the same for a good business suit for a woman.  When you deal with tailored suits the prices will soar regardless if you are talking male or female suits.  You are paying the premium on the fabric count.  Women can get away more with mixed pieces than men can, meaning having a pair of professionally fitted slacks and a blazer that are purchased separately and blend right in.

Casual dress-No issue here, every designer makes khaki trousers for women in just about every standard color.  Blouses come in a multitude of styles that can be professionally applied

Shoes-Obviously high heels are out of the question, but I also know that women have a larger selection of shoes than men will ever have and more stores to shop from.  I have seen female USSS agents wearing short heels and wondered how mobile they really are, yet from an individual perspective only the woman knows, but clearly a pair of purple 6 inch Michael Kors are out of the question.  As I researched this blog a couple weeks ago I was surprised to see so many nice shoes that women can wear for details that could last for  the 12+ hour shift.





One of the strangest phenomenons I have seen is belt selection for women for professional attire.  I have seen official female agents wearing pretty dainty belts with their gear on [weapon, radio etc] and their belts are not parallel to the ground but almost on a 45 degree angle.  This “MAY” be a dilemma for you ladies trying to find a sturdy 1.5″ belt that can hold up the gear.

TOMORROW’s blog will be a follow-up from a female specialist who is an expert in women’s clothing.  She’s a former designer!!!!

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