Enter the fireman

20121010-094843.jpgWe are always talking about former law enforcement this and former military that as far as personnel better equipped to transition into this field. I am on record as saying that inherently their baseline training contradicts the core principals of EP. They do bring a set of core competencies that are good in this industry however the basis is contrary.

We never include firefighters in that conversation, why? Because there is no weapon work in their job responsibility. However there is normally one expertise they bring to the table that is vital in what we do – the medical piece. Even the most basic firefighter (even volunteer) come to the EP table with some medical experience. Think about it for a second, medical can be a deciding factor between the selection between 2 specialists.

Firefighters have a chain of command system like police and military. They, for the most part have a physical requirement that has to be maintained (for the most part). Most firefighters have a preliminary knowledge of building blocks that would help them on site security assessments that moat people don’t because of their job responsibilities.

There is no doubt that they are comfortable in working in hazardous and incompatible situations. Think about this when you are looking through personnel that have firefighter on their resume and you have to make a decision against a police officer or military guy. This is not to say that the latter is not qualified but may not have that special ingredient that the fireman or fire woman has.


  1. Einar Myklebust

    Another profession that runs in when everyone else runs out, and works calmly in difficult and adverse situations that defiantly have something to offer is the EMT’s

    1. Eric Konohia

      My apologies because my intent was to include them under the same brush stroke. Thanks for mentioning that

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