EP journeymen step up

Over the last week I have eagerly watched as the NABA page started shifting from topics on guns and knives to philosophy and theory. I have been excited about how the engagement has elevated where brain power is starting to take place over Braun.

Yesterday Raffaele Di Giorgio posed an intriguing question where he asked if you were asked by a client to audit his/her current security element what 3 questions would you ask. Of course, in a real time situation we would ask more than 3 but I appreciate Raffs attempt to limit the answer to our top 3.

Benjamin Alozie beat me to the punch and came out the box with his usual tenacity. Mark James’ hands were tied because Raff had already given Mark his (Raff) answers so I figured to maintain the integrity of the post, Mark held back. There is no doubt that his response would have been on point.

By the end of the day my response ands Ben’s were sitting alone amongst the usual “Likes” that seemingly pop up immediately. To that point, I am always curious if people “Like” the topic or push like to maintain some resemblance of interaction and connection. I am not dismissing the likes but that button confuses me when it is pushed when a question is asked.

A month or so ago I blogged on a topic about the 3 groups in EP
1-The apprentice
2-The journeyman
3-The Professional
It is becoming apparent that the NABA site is populated with Journeymen. They are seeking the code to EP in their quest to reach the Professional. I have had several conversations with Mark James about getting them more engaged. I don’t post topics about hard skills, guns or knives because it seems to be the frenzy for feeding.

I appreciate the fact that even in my zeal to engage, i have other professionals like Mark James that will call me and redirect my fire and Raff call me to task on a subject matter that he may not see the same way as I do. I am encouraging everyone to interact so that you can learn. We are making an earnest effort to police the negativity in past responses so that everyone, regardless of time on station, can interact.

There are professionals monitoring in a way that even if you need further direction we will direct message you offline line. So I will close this blog in language that seemingly is craved by most, “Contact front” engage the site.


  1. Lawrence Snow

    Hi Eric. I question the Like button as well – how can one like something without having a thought on it, and if one has a thought on the subject, why not chime in – any input is a benefit for everyone’s output.

    I would also add that NABA and other groups and forums like NABA are populated with Journeymen AND Apprentices with very few Professionals – and in my opinion, even fewer professionals who are willing to provide input.

    Keep up the good fight, you are among handful of salmon swimming upstream against a very strong current.

    1. Eric Konohia

      Totally agree Larry. I was being generous with the journeymen reference because there are so many members that never interact. It’s that same group that seems to be the only ones that stay active-mostly journeymen and a few experts but you are right

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