Every specialist needs this

20120930-083029.jpgIn an industry where you find yourselves spending hundreds of dollars on training, clothes and gear I want to suggest one of the best under $10 investments you can make. The truth of the matter is that everyone needs this piece of gear in their bags, suit or shirt pocket.

In this industry where personal real estate is limited with the amount of pertinent gear you can wear for the mission, this item takes no space at all yet all of us have been in that critical moment where we’ve needed it. Incidents can occur that can take a specialist out of the detail without this piece gear.

There is no high speed training or expensive course needed to properly use this piece of gear but rather a quick application and all is well and you’re back in the fight.

Here it is


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the “High Speed” tide pen you need to go to your local store and by a couple. Put one in your luggage, one in your go bag and another one beside your pocket gear (pen, pad etc). Ketchup, mustard, coffee etc don’t stand a chance against this weapon. A quick shake and apply will leave the spot wet for a short period but no more stain.


  1. Josh Lee

    I guarantee this $3 item will save your client’s a$$ long before a tricked out, high-speed Thunder Ranch 45. Of course, you’ll always have those certain “guys” who will spend their money on batons, knives and various other ninja gear before picking this up….and most of them are sitting at home!

    1. Eric Konohia

      You’re absolutely right Mr Lee

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