Everyone is good!

After yesterday’s blog I only received 2 responses. Am I to surmise that everyone is good? Should conclude that everyone has their client based locked in? Or, is it that everyone is attached to a network that is flourishing. What I do know is that there are more issues out there than people are willing to admit to. I do know that I get emails and calls all day everyday about work.

So rather than blog the topic I had for today I encourage you to re-read yesterday’s blog and think about it, pass it on to a colleague and help me help you.


  1. CJ

    Hi Eric,

    I’ve been one of your blog readers for a while now but not any more. You’ve lost me.

    I enjoy the information you put out there. Some of the information you pass on through your blog is invaluable to any specialists trying to learn. The little tricks of the trade that you can’t find in any book.

    I do agree with you when it comes to calling out the scabs of the industry. But I have to admit that you go on and on and on about it. And really your only holding these people to your own standard. Yes, your standards may be the better one or of more substance but that doesn’t make everyone else wrong. Or that they shouldn’t try and make a living out of what they believe is the right way. And not everyone agrees with you on Social Media. I put very little of myself on the internet and plan to keep it that way. And my work is constant.

    Apart from that, I really enjoyed the blog until you started giving out what I like to call “homework”. Yes I attend course’s and yes I do the assignments they give out at these course’s. But Eric, I’m not doing a course and your not teaching one. Are you really surprised that no one did your assignments. Honestly I work a lot of hours and you have even blogged about the hours involved in the industry. Where does the time come from to write Advance plans, or involved comments about clients for fun!!!

    There is no doubt that you have earned your stripes. And in no way do I think otherwise or mean any disrespect. You are one of the leaders in the industry without doubt, but I like to decide on my own merit what is what and have found that your “I’m right your wrong” attitude disheartening. I don’t need your industry standards shoveled down my throat all the time. Then when you don’t get a reply from your “home work”, you tell everyone to re read it and send to a friend….

    Not the type of blog I enjoy to read. Good luck


    1. Eric Konohia

      I appreciate your comment and the fact that you disagree does not surprise me. I am certain that you are not alone. The fact is, you are an exception to the rule because: You expressed your disagreement [I appreciate] and 2, you, according to your response – are working. The fact of the matter is this, I wasn’t assigning homework as much as I was preparing a document based on common issues in the industry when it comes to client relationships. Perhaps this is not a problem for you, BUT for many in the indusry, it is. Secondly, I did receive a vast amount of responses, however, as I suspected these individuals had rather respond via email.

      Social media is not for everyone, but for those who use it – there is a methodology that “should” be used if you are trying to market yourself as an asset to anyone’s team. Again, perhaps this does not apply to you. I make no apologies for my endeavors in the industry and do not expect everyone to agree, BUT I have NEVER said that my way is THE way….It is A way. Secondly, every blog is not for everyone – if I blog a topic that someone doen’t need – don’t check that block. I also understand fully that many, if not most, want me to continue to blog about tactics and operational procedures and those will be still coming. But for me, what is the sense of showing another way of how to exit a vehicle if that same person cannot understant how to secure a client.

      Again, for anyone who is reading this, my blogs from the last 2 days were not a “homework assignment” as it was a survey to ascertain issues and commonalities in the lifeline of the industry – The Client.

      Thanks again CJ

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