Executive Protection problem solver

The best specialists that I have ever associated with have an intelligence factor about them that is remarkable.  That’s not to say that most of the ones that I know are not, but the best have an embedded intelligence within their core that is unbelievable.  Executive Protection in many ways is like someone handing you a bag and telling you to solve the problem inside in less than a minute.  You reach inside and there is a rubik’s cube.  The best specialists face the challenge and control the physiological responses their bodies produce.  That’s executive protection.  No matter how many details you have worked or will work, the rubik’s cube [the detail] will look the same yet the solution is different.

EP schools help you recognize the rubik cube for what it is and they teach you that within the twists and turns there is a solution.  It is EXPERIENCE in facing the rubik’s cube many times that enables you to get the cube to a certain point where you recognize the solution is near.  Each aspect of a detail is its own rubik’s cube.  For instance when you are assigned to do a protective advance and you go through your checklists, you know where the principal is going, you know where the restroom is, you know where the meeting will take place and you have your CMP’s [MTMS term for crisis management pathways] in order.  You know the venue from top to bottom.  The principal gets on station and you are moving from one meeting to another within the venue, there is a disturbance of protestors at your 12 and at your 6-RUBIK’S CUBE.  Even if the disturbance is not directed at your protectee, your mind starts twisting and turning the cube to solve the problem that was an easy detail in the bag.  The best solve the problem because experience kicks in to get the cube to where the solution comes easier.

You can call it what you want, but it can not be taught.  Repetition can be taught but the ability to face a problem that you’ve never practiced or learned and turn it into a solution can not be learned. It is an innate ability.  Ask any street cop about the best officer they have worked with and they will tell you that the officer had street savvy.  From a police officer’s perspective that means the officer was able to handle himself on the street, face any predicament and solve the problem.  It does not mean that he was a great shooter or that he was great at twirling his night stick.  He knew the law, how and when to apply it and work the streets with respect.  The best of them had that characteristic.  Side note here: The average major city police officer knows more about the criminal law and its application than a new graduate of law school.

The best of the best officers could sense an issue or crime before it happened.  It is an unbelievable 6th sense they have.  The best of the best specialists are able to think from an adversary’s perspective and foresee where a potential issue could occur or just before it occurs.  These are the guys that own the Rubik’s cube and solving it is nothing to them

No school can teach you how to solve every problem but if Mindset is instilled in a course of immediate action drills the ability to face it and control it makes the solution to any problem easier and consistent with the intended outcome of protecting a principal from intentional harm, unintentional harm and embarrassment.

Prosit nobis similibusque…damnabiliter paucibus reliquis!  (“Here’s to us and those like us… damn few left!”)

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