False perceptions of ourselves

An interesting post on the NABA Facebook page raised many eyebrows a couple days ago.  The member posted that there should be a commercial to prove to clients that they could not function without our services.  In short, he was stating that clients are that dependant upon us that they could not function.  The comments came in, some disagreeing nicely, and other disagreeing sharply.  My position was and is this:  Some clients would be better off without us.  There is a huge difference between a client being dependant versus reliant upon us.

There was another very interesting and honest post a day prior to that where the member stated that he has seen on long term details where specialists [including himself] get too comfortable with the client and/or principal and start making non-security recommendations.  He stated that as he found himself creeping across those lines he would consciously tell himself, “Stay in your lane.”

These posts may appear to be different in nature however the latter, if not tempered by the specialist and/or protection team can result in the first situation.  I have seen this crossing of the lines [see previous Blog] many times and it rarely works out well for the service provider or specialists involved.  When a specialist imparts him/herself in EVERY aspect of a principal’s life, they [principal] becomes dependant upon that extra service.  When those lines get crossed it is hard to determine where the EXTRA ends and security begins.  Too often it is usually one specialist that starts this downward spiral because he/she has an uncontrollable desire to ingratiate themselves to the principal because they want to be liked of feel needed.  This is a virus that kills a detail.  It is this type of specialist that feels the same way as the first post I mentioned above.  When you hear them say, “They love me.” It is a warning sign that potential issues are right around the corner.

These specialists are like good waiters or waitresses who have the perfect timing when to appear and disappear at your table however this industry does not operate on meal recommendations or soup of the day.  Making a recommendation on what door we enter or where we will arrive is not as tasty in the mouths of our principals as, “This place has the best seafood bisque”. One recommendation they could live without, the other they pay for us to make so that they can live.

I will end this blog with a warning.  I YOU are that specialist that feels they have to cross the lines, be the hero of the day your end date is coming.  There will come a time where you will speak out of order and make a bad or worse, the WRONG recommendation and your house of cards will fall.  Get out of this mindset and get back to the proactive mindset of protection.

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  1. Josh Lee

    I’ve seen this over the course of my career and it never ends well for the specialist. I’ve seen them make breakfast , shine shoes, carry shopping bags and even play golf with the client. It diminishes the value of the specialist and eventually leads to a total loss of respect from the client.

    Professionally, I’d rather be respected than liked. I’ll golf, grab beers and watch a game with my friends…I will keep my client alive with professionalism and class, they have enough friends and “tag-alongs” to tell them how great they are.

    You can’t have it both ways…

    Commercial?!?!?…wow….You can’t make this stuff up!

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