Flash in the pan or burned out

Uh oh, here he goes again!!!!  I wish that more of the guys that were the premiere protection specialists from my past would resurface and let their voices be heard.  They are still in the business, some have successful global companies, some work for those companies and others are working directly for corporate entities, but they are still out there.  Many of these guys I worked under and for in the past and the mere mention of their names in senior circles brings about stories about the days not too far ago.

These guys are the pictures you’d see lining the walls of Vance International’s Oakton headquarters.  The huge pictures spoke of professionalism and a time when the industry was clean and those Agents [term used back then] belonged in the industry.  Aspiring specialists back then, like myself, modeled our careers to be like call-sign “El Gato”.  He had a persona and personality that fit the image of the 90’s protection agent.  Clean cut image with the knowledge to go with it, he was undoubtedly THE MAN of the day.  It wasn’t hard to see why because the halls and walls and offices were lined with former USSS managers like Former Director Eljay Bowron and former Deputy Director Larry Sheaf.  Chuck Vance padded the operations and administration with the mindset that worked at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

From a corporate perspective these guys were all over IT.  However, I distinctly remember a time when the possibility came that they could delve into, what they called High Threat Protection [now PSD] way before Blackwater was on the radar.  According to the historians and BW timeline this possibility came about before ground was broken in Moyock, NC.  These same manager’s felt that there would not be enough support for the agents if deployed.  See Chuck Vance interview – HERE.  While others were training people and putting them on the streets, Vance was training, and employing agents that are still working in the industry.  I hear that guys like “El Gato” are still peaking into the social media side of the industry to get a feel of where the CRAFT is, but I am going to try to pull them out in the open to talk.

I want you all to hear from the trailblazers of modern executive protection, way before the term PSD was even made, the first and second generation specialists that forged the trails that travel today.

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