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Yesterdays BPI Security YouTube weekly announcement was about expectations of the additional non-detail related persons that seemingly attach themselves to the protectee. This is normally the case when you are dealing with “Notables” or otherwise referred to in the industry as Celebrities. It is a commonplace in this area of protection. You are contracted to protect a notable who, in many cases, has a group of people, friends and otherwise that find a way to latch on to them for no other reason other than to be seen with the protectee when he/she exits the vehicle and goes throughout their agenda.

In many cases most of these people are authorized to “strap on” by someone within the inner core group of the principal’s trusted entourage. I can not emphasize enough how important it is on the front end to discuss the sacredness of the primary vehicle (Limo) and follow vehicle. From our perspective we refer to these vehicles as the “secured package”. The secured package are those vehicles that convey the principal and his/her primary protective element. If this subject is not broached on the front end you will find your team and possibly you arbitrating over seats on departures.

Let me give you one example in particular. Two years ago we were protecting a person for a centennial week conference in the DC area. This large organization has full-time as well as volunteer workers. EVERYONE wanted to be seen exiting and walking with the principal. This conference was a huge deal and I realized that between each movement there needed to be a different representative from the client organization traveling with the protectee. What I did was listed the additional to each movement on my daily itinerary and spoke to each of them. I instructed each of them that they had to be in the staff vehicle 10 minutes prior to departure or they’d be left. The client assigned a photographer to the protectee to document the week’s events. When she approached me, I could see her apprehension after seeing us work for a day or so coupled with the rumors she had heard about me and the close-in team. Her approach was, “I will do whatever you need me to do.” I told her to place any equipment that she didn’t need on her person in the vehicles so that she wouldn’t have to go back to her office to retrieve it during movements. The vehicles would serve as a secured office anyway and having it there alleviated her or her equipment being left behind. I also told her that she had to be saddled up PRIOR to us getting to the car. Once I gave the “recover” command my guys are making a B-Line to their seats and unlike the “No child left behind policy”, you will get left behind.

If you deal with a protectee that has “Straps” or add ons etc, the conversation needs to be had way before the first pick up. This may be the time to recommend an extra staff-like vehicle if you determine that the extras are essential to the principal’s agenda. Once you get the ground rules set and enough critical people in the client base knows your rules and stance on this, they will come to you and ask if there is room to travel along. That is always better than you or your guys grappling on the apron for your seats.


  1. Stepfan WIlliams

    Thanks once again Eric needed that language for a meeting next week.

    1. Eric Konohia

      It’s guys like you that are an example of success from listening and learning. You are one of many examples of success since the blog and other BPI Security exposure methods through social media.

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