Get it together

I wanted to give an update on young Tommy’s adventure on his first detail so that those of you who feel that going to your first school makes you ready for the job.

20120727-065035.jpgYesterday we had another 20+ movement day to include media interviews, pressing the flesh and public appearances. I monitored Tommy throughout the day and queried his mindset during periods of static moments. I asked him the million dollar question, “Is it what you expected?” He replied, “It is much harder than I ever expected.” He also confessed that he felt that he was not putting all the pieces together.

I purposely planned to make him perform each and every duty possible in this detail to even working the “Bodyman” position. Last night our last movement was an OTR that lasted until 0130 with a 0500 turn around. We pushed 4 members of the shift to our 0 second location this morning for and 0800 drop and I purposely selected Tommy to work the close-in at 0600 start. I wanted him to feel that silver back gorilla that many of us have experienced after a 20 hour day.

Are you sure this is what you want to do? I plan to interview Tommy after this detail so you can get it straight from the rookie’s mouth.

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