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Todays blog is a precursor to the first part of a 2 part series interview starting tomorrow. As you’ve seen and read in the past I do regular interviews with specialists and operators that have had or continue to influence my path in this industry. As I have always said, “Your networth is only as good as your network.”. I pride my continued success with the ability to call, email specialists and operators on a first name basis. Men who have been at the forward edge of the battle field, walking alongside former Presidents of these United States. Men that have forged the tip of the spear that we read about and continue to maintain that level of expertise and proficiency.

Tomorrow’s interview will be no different. J. Lawrence Cunningham, affectionately known by his friends as “Larry” is a retired USSS agent who has done it all in the Service and in the private sector. Larry is a close friend, confidant and mentor to me and keeps me dialed in with other agents as well as other former USSS Directors. Larry is an associate of BPI and continues to add his expertise with current BPI clients.

I heard about Larry when we both were gainfully employed at the USSS depot formerly known as Vance international. I didn’t actually meet him until I was working full time under the BPI flag. Larry was the logistics coordinator for the WWII memorial dedication. That was a huge undertaking. We connected later after that when we used him to fulfill a threat and vulnerability assessment for a principal with a legitimate threat against his/her life. Since that day Larry has been on my speed dial and we talk weekly.

As you read Larry’s interview you will get a perspective from a former agent who has made a career from his experience. He is a sought after speaker and is responsible for changing the USSS training regimen. He is a competitive triathlete and all around great guy.

Put the word out to your peers and colleagues that tomorrow’s interview is a must read along the same lines and previous interviews like: Chuck Vance, Paul Viollis, and Craig “Sawman” Sawyer.

This interview is a keeper for your files. Trust me on that.

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