Have you ever seen yourself?

I employed something new last month during a detail that we worked.  I assigned someone to videotape certain aspects of the team working.  I did this for the sole purpose being able to see the team while they are actually working.  In training everyone knows that they are not really working and your mind is set on going through the motions [steps].  “Deploy – deploy – deploy- Ok I go here, Jeff goes there, Tom goes there, then I wait to hear this and then we do that.”  When you are LIVE it has to be second nature.  When I viewed the footage I can clearly see when someone is trying to “think” through the steps when it should almost be second nature.  You can see when someone is uncomfortable working the formation when unknown people are in their space.  Those people were not there during training.  I did not share all of the footage with the team but used information to talk to the specialists individually after it was reviewed.  There were no glaring issues but moments when you could catch glimpses of, “Oh hell, let me catch up”.

I totally encourage videotaping during courses and hot-washing after practical applications.  It’s easier to teach a person when they can see themselves in action as you make corrections than to have them try to rewind their memory when they are trying to learn.  Freeze framing at any point is far more effective than saying, “When you got to this point during the out-bus, you should have gone here instead of there.”  The video allows the entire class to see the corrective point of instruction.  This made more sense to me a couple years ago when Minster and I attended the CSAT SWAT school in Texas.  The instructors videotaped every assault [dry and hot] in the shoot house and hot-washed every assault afterwards.  Even in the corrective mindset there is always at least one funny moment.

I am in the process of having these videos edited in order to share them here.  Stand by for that.

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