Helping another company break through the quagmire

About 6 months ago, when I was in Monaco, I was called by a gentleman named Stepfan Williams of Nuimage Protection Services out of Atlanta Georgia. Stepfan had been watching and reading the messages that I was putting out on social media. During that initial call I could tell that he and his people were trying to break away from the sterotypical image of what protection services was in his market area. We spoke for about an hour and went over his strategy and approach. I gave him some common sense recommendations on how to move forward.

Since that initial conversation Stepfan and I have spoken a couple times on administrative and operational suggestions that he needed guidance on. I was very comfortable that he knew what he was doing but his questions were focused on making sure that he was doing things from a perspective that could not be construed as the way that the “Boduguards” in his area were doing it. Again, I made simple common sense recommendations to further separate him and his company away from the area norm.

Last week he sent in a question for BPI Security’s first Q&A Fridays regarding “Command Centers”. In my answer I gave a response for a command center as well as a command post. There is a difference and I explained that in my video taped answer. Yesterday, he tweeted me that there was something I said to him that was on his mind since one of our previous conversations. I won’t disclose the specifics of the conversation because I owe that to him so that he can further his march to separation. But the essence of the conversation was about labeling. We went over a couple specifics about his client base and how to manage his approach in a way that would put him and his company in a clear and distinct area that his clients and potential clients would see. I could tell he was estatic after the call. It was apparent.

Prior to our initial conversation, Stepfan didn’t know me from any of the other professionals in the business. He took the chance and that gave him the push in the right direction. He’s now in a place that he can see a difference. He is now speaking to clients from a different perspective and uses the language that gets an opening eye of the people in his presence. You know why? It’s because he’s giving his clients a fresh look and perspective from what they have been used to seeing and hearing. GOOD JOB Stepfan.

Stepfan did what many others are afraid or leary of doing, and that is reaching out for help. I am determined to instill Professionalism in this industry, one specialist at a time. BPI Security can now say to the world that we have a solid asset in Atlanta, Georgia.


  1. Stepfan Williams

    I am thankful as well as honored to be a part of change in the EP industry with Eric and the BPI family. His guidance has been and is a valuable tool to the NU IMAGE family in becoming a trendsetter for change in Atlanta.

  2. Idan

    Trust, that is the main asset to try and identify, conpanies wont devulge information to those seeking to market for information, for protective services are supposed to work on trust and help each other and not be like some government agencies who wont do thus.

    Si i was happy to hear this story, that is the way we are suppose to conduct ourselves

    Idan Ben Bohrer
    ISCC Group

    1. Eric Konohia

      Thank you Idan

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