Address the hole then the water.

There is a great conversation going around about why is there more negative representation about our industry versus the good things that we do.  If we all can agree that internally we have much to do inside our house [The Craft].  As long as we keep the disorder ‘In-house” we can fix it and no one is the wiser.  It is when one of our own [and in many cases it is someone that isn’t one of ours but acts like one of ours] does something wrong and invites outsiders [Media] inside our house that the attention seems to outweigh what good we have been doing.

The squeaky wheel will always get the oil in every facet, industry and institution.  That’s the way our society is driven.  Our media is saturated with “shock value” and filler stories everyday and less pure news.  They survive on ratings and the “Shock’ is the draw.  Let’s say we had an Executive Protection Big Brother program and we were making an impact on inner city young men and in the same city there was a celebrity bodyguard that got into a physical confrontation with an over zealous fan.  Which one will hit the news?  The reason is that we are not that important in whole scheme of things in society as a whole except to our clients and ourselves.  More importantly we can not be driven by bringing attention to the good things we do, but making a conscientious effort of policing our ranks to bring less negative attention to what we do not approve of. In fact, it is your resposnibility to do a great job.  That’s an expectation

I can write a blog topic everyday for the rest of the year about the good that I have seen since 1997 but what would that do in the whole scheme of what is wrong.  The story that I wrote of 5 of my specialists volunteering to do protection for a SEAL and his family at the premiere of Act of Valor was immediately over-shadowed by Mark Wahlbergs former BG’s tell all book.  There is no comparison in what has more fire for effect. If you have a perfectly good running ship that takes on water your focus would NOT been on how powerful the engine is or how beautiful the sunrise is.  You should be focusing on the WATER.  We can talk about the boat’s beauty and how great the captain and his crew are after they fix the problem.  Our industry is no different.  The crew is talking about the water but no one is picking up a bucket to address the problem.  We have to  address where the problem is [the leak].  How we seal the issue [the hole] and then get the water out.

I am totally against the whole idea of just showing that we do more good than bad.  The cliche’ “The good outweighs the bad” is a way of dismissing the bad and focusing only on the good.  Bad is BAD, point blank and every time a SCAB writes a tell all book we ALL take a hit and the more we sit back and do nothing from an industry stand point the more it will be acceptable.  Whenever a SCAB presents himself I expose them for who they are rather than just putting out a topic for discussion, “Another bodyguard tell all book”.  Too many leaders are afraid to take a position.  I am not driven on whether the “Masses” agree with everything I say, but one thing’s for sure you know I have a position.  Even if you disagree I know I am provoking something to cause you to rise up.

I never claim to have been in this industry more than the next guy, but in my years in it I have seen the evolution and causation.  This is NOT a hobby for me and I have been IN this rodeo on every level.  I recognize the issues and I am not queasy, leery or afraid of addressing them.  The core population of the specialists in the industry have not been around to see the changes but that does not mean you don’t have a position.  It is always better to provoke than complain, do rather than talk and speak from facts rather than conjecture.

For those of you who are holding up the banner and doing a great job, I applaud your efforts.  Don’t be discouraged by the misdeeds and attention that others bring to what we do. Forge onward and upward so that you can be an example.  The other day after I met Derrick “Bear” Collins I tweeted, and posted on facebook how I was encouraged by our meeting and how tenacious he has been at honing his skills and knowledge.  How far did that go?  The good is out there, but if you sit on the message and not pass that along, don’t complain when the next SCAB takes the news line.

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