Here we go again-BPI S.C.A.B. of the week.

As I was going through my twitter account on Hootsuite I received a direct message from one of my followers stating that he was waiting to hear my analysis of another Bodyguard tell all book.  I clicked the link and there it was, the newest BPI Security SCAB [Security Counterfeiting as Bodyguard]. So today I’d like to introduce Mr. Leonard Taylor.  According to the story in the New York Daily News Gossip section, Mr Taylor is writing his book because,  “Why should I respect their privacy when they don’t care about me?”  Mr. Leonard, you should respect their privacy because it is the ethical and professional thing to do.  Who cares if they care about you or not?

According to the article,  “Taylor says that, with the exception of [Bruce] Willis, his famous former clients and friends abandoned him when he battled drug addiction, depression and homelessness from 2004-05 and, more recently, from 2008-11.  I have family members that have dealt with drug addictions, depression as well as homelessness and each of these are trying ordeals to battle.  But let me just cut through the chase, your clients or protectees are NOT responsible for you or your issues.  We get into agreements to handle them and theirs.  I hate to come off as callous and uncaring but this is not a familial relationship that we have with them and we should never have this disjointed belief that they should be there when we fall.  In fact, when it comes to addictions, I would advise a client to run for the hills from any specialist that has any drug or alcohol addiction.  It is hard enough to do this job sober, let alone having the addiction monster in your head while operating.  We are not in an industry where a client is responsible to send you to counseling or treatment.  Why is there such a sense of entitlement.  You protected them because it was what YOU wanted to do, and not coming to your aide was something they elected NOT to do.  You can not hold them repsonsible for that.  If you really think so, then I have some land in the desert for sale.

Taylor further stated, “he spent three-and-a-half years protecting and partying with the former rapper, despite the fact he “didn’t pay me a dime.”  Guess what?  You spent about 35 months too long on that protectee at your own choice.  There had to have been a point where you have to say to yourself, “I am NOT getting paid here.”  If I elect to stay, then it’s on me.  It also sounds like the typical bodyguard relationship where NO contract was executed.  Shame on you sir.  Partying “with” the client?  I hope you meant being there while the client was partying, because if it was meant literally you crossed the line and don’t deserve to be paid.

According to the article their [Walhberg and Leonard’s] relationship ended in 2001 when the two got into a headlines-making fight outside a downtown Manhattan club.  Are you kidding me?  How does a protection specialist wind up in a fight with his protectee?  I know how, you went from bodyguard to buddyguard.  Friends fight at clubs not portection specialists and protectees.  Their relationship ended?  His career should have ended.

The irony of this whole story is that Mr. Leonard prescribes to the street rule of never snitching because despite his willingness to expose the privacy of his former clients he remained anonymous on who his co-writer was.  That’s sketchy at best and tells me that his ethics are limited to the streets and explains the whole story.

People we have to keep exposing this type of behavior and further separate ourselves from this mess.  Once again, the article describes Leonard as a bodyguard yet some of the best specialists still want to describe themselves under the same name.  When people read this article and disagree with Leonard’s action as a bodyguard you are saying that you can potentially be the same way.  Perception is nothing but everything at the same time.  When I googled Leoanrd’s name to see if anyone else is coming out to speak on this, I was not surprised to see that the only Security site reference to this was about the previous law suit that Leonard has against Wahlberg that he later dropped.  When you sit back and say nothing about this I paint you as an accomplice to the fact.  If you are scared then say so that way I know who I can rely on in the tough times.



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