Here’s proof of networking in social media

One of my many quotes is, “Your networth is only as good as your network.” So here is how it works. BPI Security has prided itself in ALWAYS coming through for every one of its clients since day 1. We have never “NOT” been able to staff, perform or execute for any client that we have or any referrals from existing clients. NEVER.

In short I had to ramp up over 10 separate details and put specialists on standby with an unknown day to go “Hot.” I immediately started my process of notifications. The first call I made was to a new specialist that I had fostered a relationship. This initial relationship started through social media and culminated in 2 sit down meals to further solidify the company/asset bond. I called him and he made himself available.

[Score: Social media networking-1 vs No social media interaction-0]

Last night I had to get 2 additional locations ready to go hot at 1000 today. I got on the horn and called another very active contact I have established via social media. I told him to see if he could assist me while I made additional calls as well. Within 15 minutes he had one of them covered by, get this, another specialist that I also had established a relationship within my social media network as well. That was a double banger. I got the other one covered by another asset I knew from years of working together. The irony is that my social media connection could have staffed both of them.

[Score: Social media networking-4 vs No social media interaction-1]

This is an example of 2 things: Networking and Social media presence. The power of the social media phenomenon is difficult to explain but the proof is in the pudding. The internet has taken the place of pony express, the US Stamp and in many cases the phone call. In fact, the majority of my clients send me an email with their concerns, needs and requests and THEN follow it up with a call if necessary. Text messages have pushed the one-on-one calls aside to the point that many people text you to see if you are available to take a call. The point here is that modern terchnology and capabilities are vastly changing the way we do business. Warning: Social media can not replace the way you have to interact personally with a person to verify and vet them, however it has enabled everyone to procure assets, clients and relationships as well as drive people to your company website at a click of a mouse button.

For those of you that missed my BPI Security YouTube weekly announcement, I ended up the announcement with a +1 for Google+ yesterday. View the video and see the power of Social Media and how 2 company owners connected and assisted one another. Unless you view the video and understand how powerful this one connection was you will never embrace the power of social media.

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