Hi-Lites from the PSC-Day 2

As much as things change, they really stay the same. As I have mnetioned before, this is my first security conference since I’ve been in the industry. I have lost count on how many narcotics and undercover conferences I attended but there is always a common theme, attendees struggle to make the opening bell of day 2. Eventually as the first sessions were under way we were at full muster.

Day 2 for me started with “Domestic threats: Protecting your principal from radical activists” by Gordon McIntosh of World Bank. Prior to his session I introduced myself to him and told him that he and I had dealt with the IMF protests in DC together at separate locations. As we exchanged stories I realized that he would be a great source for me later.

His presentation hit on every activist group from Elf to anonymous to PETA. He did a chronological historical perspective of issues that the world bank has dealt with since it’s beginning. Great subject matter and content.

The next session I attended was “Writing and understanding security and EP contracts”-Edgar Mosquera I am fortunate in having an in-house attorney that is extremely savvy in contracts, NDA’s and non-compete and non-solicitation matters. 99% of my client relationships are under a master services agreement so our approach to working with any client is handled differently. I push for that agreement on every new engagement. The best part of the session was when he spoke about when an agreement has not been executed by both parties and yet the detail has started and what grounds you have under an unsigned agreement. Edgar is just a lawyer, he is a former police officer and does EP.

The noon panel discussion was: “Security Solutions-Security Management” moderated by my friend Fred Foster. Once again I think the PSC dropped the ball and missed a perfect opportunity. The panel discussions are the one time in the day when ALL attendees are in the room and able to engage the PSC’ selected 3 member “expert panel”. There were a couple pre-submitted questions that Fred Foster did a great job of engaging the panel, however it seemed like in every opportunity we went on a joy ride to fantasy island. Once again I honestly believe that more can be accomplished if there was more succinct focus.

The day ended with me and Larry Snow of SJC Web Design, LLC session on “Branding and marketing EP services in the 21st century. I sent my PowerPoint presentation to Larry about 2 weeks ago and he transferred it into a newer format that makes PowerPoint look like drawing with crayons. Our presentation was set up in a medley form where our talking points intermingled with each other that complimented the abstract with the “How-to” application. The session was attended by private company owners and independent contractors. While we gave the presentation it was not difficult to see that we were being closely watched by Tony Scotti like a hawk. During the first break of the 2 hour session I had 2 attendees approach me and ask if they could pick my brain to which I naturally said yes.

My approach to the branding and marketing was no different than my approach to the business. I gave my definition to branding and marketing
Insanity: “doing nothing and expected anything but nothing to happen”.

The conference grade is still a “B” for me. The only disappointment for me is the lack of specific direction with the panel discussions. Even with a great moderator like Fred Foster there should have been more engaging and provoking.

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