High Speed Admin

I want to keep reiterating that there are other facets of this craft that make up a well-rounded specialist.  Administrative capacity to understand how and when you should fill out an expense voucher coupled with what can and can not be expensed to a company or client.  How does that expense voucher correlate to approved expenses.  When does one specialist complete and expense voucher for an entire team, and how do you differentiate one specialists meals etc from the others.  Within BPI Security, EVERY specialist does an expense voucher for every detail even if it is for just a parking receipt.

Receipts and handling receipts is another overlooked responsibility.  Within BPI Security and the other companies within our network, everyone manages receipts the same way.  No receipt – no cash.  All receipts have to be numbered to match their number on the expense report, scanned and emailed with the expense voucher.  That’s how it has been done with us since the 90’s.  It’s a system that works and easier for managing payroll and invoice remuneration.

Protection company owners should always utilize expense vouchers to alleviate big brother IRS’ audits.  When he knocks on your door, your memory is never part of the audit.  He wants to see files and reports.  Expense vouchers help company owners separate reimbursed expenses that go back to the individual specialists and those expenses that come back directly to the provider.

If you have a steady client that calls periodically for coverage each separate detail should be filed in its own folder under the master folder of the client.  What you put in each folder is very important for record keeping, time sheets, payroll accountability, the detail upbrief and the contract for each engagement.  If there is an evergreen arrangement for that client, then each folder should have the specific “statement of work” that covers that detail.  Irrespective if the details of the engagement is the same as the one you did last month.  There has to be a statement of work specific to the new engagement.

Lastly- Invoices.  I have seen some invoices that have passed my desk that I have sent back for more clarification.  There is an easy yet simple way to produce an invoice that will not raise the eyebrows of your clients.  A good invoice is like a crystal clear digital picture.  It speaks for itself and every aspect of the picture/invoice is self explanatory.

I say all this to say that I am going to put together a webinar to give a period of instruction for those specialists, company owners etc that don’t know how or need assistance in the high speed aspect of admin.  I am probably going to reach out to a strategic partner that can ste up the webinar and whose reach can touch others that may benefit from the webinar.

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