Making it relevant to the next generation.

OK, so my son has asked me to be a presenter for career day for his school. This is a middle school and high school. Although my message will be for them to pursue college I still have to deliver a message. This is the dilemma that I have because part of my message will also be that this career path is not for everyone yet show that the profession is a noble one. In some aspects I will have to dummy down the information to make it exciting yet exhibit the seriousness of the endeavor.

At this age of credulity I am almost certain that their image of what we do is marred by the images of BGs and notables so the crux of what I convey will be defining the difference without losing them in the process. As far as props are concerned, I plan to put together a collage of stock photos from the BPI annals as well as use some official protection videos to show the comparison between private protective services and its official form. It’s probably a good way to show a stark contrast from their preconceived conception and the reality.

The crux of my message will be on the professionalism of the industry and not so much with overwhelming them with mindset. At their current age their minds are filled with ideas like shooting stars with very little focus on the specifics like mindset. So my message will be general and broad but specific when it comes to professionalism and the difference between what they see and the reality of what executive protection really is. I am almost 100% certain they will ask me who my clients are and they will then be introduced to the industry’s version of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” No disrespect to the intended value of that statement, however it is a prime time to teach them about the issues that they have been privy to by the unscrupulous few that have elected to spew the secrets of their principals and I will harp on this message. The importance of keeping one’s secrets inviolable is important in any career you choose.

Here is where I will open the doors to the professionals in the industry. If you have any stock photos, sans client identification, that you want to appear on the collage, send them to my email address with the title and content of the photo. I’d prefer photos that you or your team are working and not photos that appear to be staged or contrived. This career day is not a job fair day for BPI Security but an opportunity to shine a light on the industry. That means I will be speaking for us so send your photos to info@bpigroupusa.com

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