I am officially holstering my gun conversations.

Last night, after about a year of steady contemplation and conversations with many colleagues that I respect, I reluctantly engaged in yet, another public conversation regarding the craft and the seemingly overwhelming emphasis on weapons.  After posting my position, which I have done on countless occasions, I realize that it is falling on deaf ears when it comes to that topic.

I have also concluded that there are many small tool boxes in this industry that only carry a hammer and that hammer and its owner only want to be used when there are nails.  I personally feel that this shallow grasp of the craft is dangerous when there are so many other solutions.  I also know that the facts are the facts and if you try to convince someone that parses the facts with misguided inferences to the contrary you are wasting your time.  I am by nature a creature of “attention to detail”.  Details of information is a precise grouping of words intended to inform a person of information.  The use of the word “Most” can never be argued with someone who parses your statement to imply that you meant “ALL”.  In my past life I was responsible to compiling factual and accurate information to produce application affidavits for search and seizure warrants, Title III wiretaps that had to be dissected by state and federal court judges.  That experience sensitizes me when I read responses based on something I write.  I rarely, if ever [which means possibly, but not often] post random thoughts of opinion that is not based on years of experience and understanding.  That being the case I can comfortably say that the importance of attention to detail is lost.

Whenever emotion collides with philosophy you already have lost the battle.  To that end I am officially holstering all public conversations regarding the weapons topic in executive protection.  My point is clear enough to stand every post until this medium is expired.  No one wins in a gunfight conversation.  I have come to the point that EP is at the OK Corral in many aspects.  The sheriff has no control of the city.

For those that are interested in what Executive Protection is really about, you know where and how to find me.  If your priorities are in learning how to do a security assessment, a site security assessment and knowing the difference- I am here.  If you want to know why a Threat and Vulnerability assessment is more beneficial than a threat assessment and the difference-I’m your man.  If you refer to every aspect of an advance as just that- AN ADVANCE and want to know that there is a clear and distinct difference and purpose between a site security advance, a trip advance, a route advance and what each entails and needs to have in them-pull out your pad and pencil and let’s get started.

But if you feel that all we are is a bunch of muscle with a primary objective of  window licking with guns above board, you have allowed the hype to  misguide you and maybe need to rethink why you are here before you get someone hurt.

I AM Eric F. Konohia and I wrote and approve this message


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  1. Simon Philibert

    Love this blog Eric. I’m in the security business for the past 14 years & looking forward to find something permanent in the EP field. I’m always ready to learn more & to do new trainings. I just finished a few weeks ago my firearms courses cause I thought it could be a bonus..not cause I really wanted to.. Like I always say, the same as you & Bobby Delano for example, in that industry, your best weapon is your head.. A gun is only a tool, do not idolize it & think this tool is better than trainings or mindset!!!

    1. Eric Konohia

      Thanks Simon
      The industry has really changed in the last 5 years with the advent of social media in a way that I can now finally hear first hand what we were hearing about on the east coast.

      It is a sad state of affairs that a gun in the primary tool of protection and brain power has been replaced by caliber and velocity

  2. Stepfan Williams

    For the most part I like to observe so that I may learn and let me say that I appreciate the lessons I have learned and am learning from you. I have never had a discussion with you about weapons however I have learned to be better as a EP Specialist and as a business owner from every discussion we have. The obstacles that I faced at the beginning of the year were mountains and now they are becoming mole hills because of these conversations. Thank You and I am one that is glad as well as have benefited for you sharing your knowledge with me and others. keep doing what you doing!

    1. Eric Konohia

      You are an example that I always refer to as a business owner that I have mentored that went from existence to excellence.

      Your continued support does not go unnoticed

  3. Lawrence Snow

    Never let your persistence and passion turn into stubbornness and ignorance.
    ~ Anthony J. D’Angelo

    Can hardly wait for tomorrow’s Week in Protection!

  4. Josh Lee

    The amount of so called “EP specialists” fascinated on weapons and which caliber is best is amazing. I’ve seen colleagues literally get into shouting matches debating the 9mm vs .40 S&W. It’s ridiculous! If your mindset is geared toward your weapon saving your clients life rather than proper planning and meticulous attention to detail, you’ve got no business in this business.

    By the way, during the their 9mm vs .40 debate, I couldn’t help but chime in with the “My tide stain stick trumps both!” Anyone working in the industry should know exactly what I’m sayin..

  5. Einar Myklebust

    Eric I am heading into this business, and I have been reading a lot about it. I have some experience in my past that goes towards this industry and feel I could add a lot to it and have a long career in it.

    As far as the gun debate its a debate the gun industry it self has had for the last 50 years. Without a consensus. There is to much in the argument that is left to personal feeling, and opinion. Makes it imposable to win it.

    The question should be is the caliber adequate, and capable of doing what it needs to do if its needed. If the answer is yes then caliber doesn’t matter.

  6. Robert Michels

    Having been guilty of the “this vs. that” on the forums, I understand this “new” mindset in the field of EP. Having been in law enforcement, it has been a challenge for me to switch the gears in protection versus enforcement. Guns are a big part of law enforcement, but if you use your gun in EP, you did something wrong, based on what I have learned so far. Firearms and defense tactics is such a small part of EP and the easiest to teach. The things that are hard to learn are what you guys and gals in the EP field call “softer skills”.

    1. Eric Konohia

      Rob. Coming from the same background as you you will find that softer side from enforcement to protection. From offensive to defensive.

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