I read it, I liked it, I endorse it.

The protection community has finally been gifted with a book from a real world specialist – operator – expert and leader: Mr. Frank Gallagher has released his book, The wit and wisdom of Frank Gallagher. There were rumblings within my networks that Frank was in the lab putting this book together but as they say,” All things kept in the dark shall come to the light.”

The title in itself is a short bio and possibly a warning to those who have not spent 2 minutes with Frank. I interacted with Frank from a distance through social media as I blogged and saw some of his previous writings from the VDI website[gospels] re-released by Larry Snow. As I read these articles I was amazed at how we thought alike even though we had never met nor collaborated. My blog/article on Leadership almost mirrored his on the same topic. He and I started direct messaging on other industry related matters only to find out that we knew some of the same people. It is truly a small community.

Frank’s experience in the industry is beyond reproach and if you ever read some of his posts it takes less than 2 lines to see that. His experience spans from the corporate board rooms to the sand box. His input on ANY topic is always backed up with an experience. One of his sayings is, “Let me teach you from my mistakes.” Sharing mistakes is not only a sign of a leader but is also what I call, “Aggressive humility” The ability to put down the sword and shield yet all along knowing that you are not vulnerable. Frank has that hands down. THE WISDOM.

It wasn’t until this year’s Protective Security Council conference that I met him as he sauntered into the hotel amidst another industry legend Tony Scotti and his buddy Matt Marshall that I really got a chance to interact with him. Throughout the week at PSC I had the honor to sit down with him and Tony on several occasions and listen to Frank. HE has a keen way of telling stories. While you are engrossed in the message a punch line smacks you in the face without warning, You are so focused on that raspy drill sargeant like voice that you don’t see it coming. Then he looks at you with the side eye and raised eyebrow as if to say, “You get it don’t you?” At the end of the book there is a short exam that is a great example of Frank’s funny side. THE WIT

It took a couple of weeks for me to finish the book while working and traveling but I am here to tell you that it is well worth the $4.95 from Amazon.com. As of today the book is still only available electronically so fire up your iPad, Kindle or whatever you have and BUY IT NOW.

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