Independant responsibility-Independant study

Let’s face it, there are so many training opportunities for us in this industry. It can be overwhelming at best trying to decide what is the next step in the building blocks of an elite specialist. Money coupled with pertinent training phases is a tough strategy to deal with. Understanding what really is the next best training that you should take without wasting your money can be swayed by the multiple emails and advertisements from schools. Each specialist has an independent responsibility to elevate his professional status through continued education and training.

During those times where money is short, time is limited to travel and you are in between details, nothing can replace independent study and research. There are far too many resources available online at little to no cost that can further accelerate your knowledge in this industry. You can first start with the notes and manuals from your EP school. We encourage our students to take copious notes during class to assist them for future reference. Just this last week I called call-sign “Neckbone” and hit him with a barrage of questions regarding motorcades, and shift positions and responsibilities. His initial response to each question was to repeat the question. I told him to answer the question. I know from interrogation and debriefing schools as a trooper, that repeating the question was called a “filler”. Basically to buy time to answer the question. So from that point on I asked each question twice. I wasn’t surprised that he answered all of them because I am aware that he is constantly performing independent study. I then followed with scenarios to see if his mindset would kick in, and it did with an answer and his rationale behind his decision. I was more pleased with his ability to respond, than he was surprised by the pop quiz.

Independent study is an independent responsibility. I read articles, white papers and other blogs all them time. There are countless recommendations of reading books written by former USSS Agents who have protected former Presidents. Those are great reads. In fact it is basically a written reality show and we are fascinated by having the peak into the elite protection. But when was the last time, or better yet the first time anyone has told you to read ” An Assassin’s Diary” by Arthur H. Bremmer. For those of you that are not familiar with Bremmer he was convicted of trying to assassinate Governor George Wallace in Laurel, Maryland in 1972. Despite the recommendation of USSS agents that were assigned, to not press the flesh of the crowd, Wallace had been through a tough campaign and the Maryland crowd seemed very happy to see him. The rest is history. Bremmer’s book is an inside look at the mind of an assassin.

There are so many other materials out there that can elevate your knowledge. It’s up to you to be responsible or irresponsible.


  1. Leon Adams

    Excellent article and right on target!

    1. Eric Konohia

      Thanks Leon

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