Industry experts – Call to action

It is with a heavy heart that I have to write this blog today.  Yesterday’s horrific and senseless loss of life is a direct intersection with our industry.  As of 2000 hours last evening [December 14, 2012] I STOPPED listening to the misinformation that has been pushed on every so-called reputable news station.  As a former intelligence analyst I had to catch my own desire from the force fed smorgasbord of poor information on the buffet line of poor and unethical journalism [my personal opinion].  I found myself drawing conclusions and conjecture from unverified information while the TRUE investigation was underway.  The father in me personalized the event until I heard the press interview with the official police spokesmen.  His ability to respond with ONLY information that was needed to be released brought back home to reality.

I am calling upon every expert and specialist with TRUE EXPERTISE in: threat mitigation, threat & vulnerability assessments and the like to stand up and offer your expertise.  It is time to help STOP this BEHAVIOR, teach others to recognize this behavior well before it turns tragic.  This is our calling, this is our profession, IT IS our responsibility.  This is NOT the time to focus on how to produce a lucrative income stream with ideologies and philosophies but to produce tangible solutions based on experience and past incidences.  We have sufficient training, knowledge and understanding amongst the leadership and experts in this industry for this CALL TO ACTION.

Let us NOT let the politicizing of this event take us off the TRUE causation and proactive mindset to recognize behavior AND the proper response to those predictors.  The politics that are sure to will be a diversion to what we need to do.

If you are truly called to this industry [as many of you say in your personal sound-bites] then this is your CALL to ACTION.


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  1. Ian Young-Ashe

    As an ‘outsider,’ how do I help? I am a former Military Intelligence Analyst. I have four years experience working threat analysis and security management with the US Army. My experiences in these fields range from cooperative international operations, combined joint operations, tactical intelligence, and CONUS crisis management with local law enforcement. I want to bring everything I can to the table. The time for action is now. I want in.

    1. Eric Konohia

      There is a place for everyone. Your experiences can be of some assistance. Will be in touch. Mahalo nui

  2. Raffaele


    I am in, there are thousands of us that go overseas and insure this doesn’t happen there or teach them how to respond when it does.

    Now we need to “Be an ACTIVE part of the solution” right here in our churches, our communities and even in our own homes.

    Thank you for putting it out there, there are most definitely times when it should not be about the dollars but about being a true protector, contributor and a productive member of society.

    1. Eric Konohia

      So true Raffaele…there comes a time when the MANHOOD and Womanhood in each and every one of us need to step up for the larger cause – HUMANITY. There is no price tag for that. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Loren Johnson


    Count me among the willing. I also have several contacts that have expressed interest in doing what they can as well. Whatever it takes to help prevent this type of nonsense I for one am willing to make that sacrifice.

    1. Eric Konohia

      Thanks Loren

  4. Josh Lee


    My first action yesterday was to hug my daughter as hard as I could and reassure here that Daddy will always be there for her, will protect her, and to have no fear! Her mindset is strong! There is no greater honor or duty than that of a mother and father.

    You know I’m all in! No armchair quarterbacking, ambulance chasing or agenda pushing coming from this guy. We must strip these instances down to the core and get to the root of evil. I am already working on ways I can help. We must do everything we can to put evil down…you came and hurt our children, the future of this country….
    evil must be put down!

    Anything you need my friend..I’m there!

    1. Eric Konohia

      That’s what every parent should have done. “Behaviors” like that build a sound character in a child that perpetuates that same character in the adult

  5. No Chow

    Eric, You know my stance on this… My phone is always on, and I’m always ready to answer any call you make.

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