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Industry S.C.A.B. of the week – BPI Security



Industry S.C.A.B. of the week

If you have been a reader of this blog you will notice that there are only a couple reasons that I will actually name someone. The first reason is in an actual interview with a professional that helps us all. The other is the person(s) that ruin this industry. Today is the case of the latter. Meet Fernando Flores aka “Former” bodyguard for Britney Spears, whom I’d like to hereinafter refer to as an industry S.C.A.B. (Security counterfeiting as bodyguard).

Mr. Flores first hit the headlines when he pursued a 15 million dollar Lawsuit case against the pop star for, wait for it, Sexual Harassment. Allegedly, the pop star, who according to her closest people frequently traipses around in the nude, was offensive and harassing to Mr. Flores. Yesterday I was informed that Flores (former police officer) has signed a deal with a publisher to write a tell all book .

This is not really news for the Spears camp. In 2007, Spear’s bodyguard, Ton Barretto, filed a declaration in the custody battle between Spears and her ex husband-Kevin Federline. Barretto then hired attorney Gloria Allred to represent him. Barreto started working as a bodyguard for Spears some time in 2007 and was fired not too long after that according to sources. During the court declaration Barretto stated that Spears routinely walked around in the nude. That being said, Mr. Flores knew what he was getting into. If he was a trained professional he should have known that after doing a simple open source assessment. Did I say, “trained” and “professional”?

The bottom line here is this, I have not seen any retort from the Spears camp that he was under any non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement. Remember that important document I spoke of on last Friday’s BPI Security YouTube weekly announcement. The only way this book deal would not have legs to move on is if one were in place. This is part in parcel due to the fact that whomever is hiring these unethical guys is not up to speed on protective contractual measures. They need help and consultation.

The part that has amazed me is that I am sure that Ms. Spears has attorneys nearby yet the warning shots have been launched and there seems to be no counter assault or defensive mechanisms in place. From an expert perspective, I don’t get it. What I do get is this, these guys will continue to infiltrate the industry if left unnoticed and the appropriate amount of attention is not shed on their unethical behavior. If there is any possible good in this is I feel that the Spears’ story and her behavior has lost some zeal. The other thing is that it “appears” that she has made a sort of shift in behavior lately that may take some of the intended wind out of Mr. Flores’ sail at the launch of this book.

Where do these guys come from? This is a behavioral issue that is embedded in their core. We are a sum total of our experiences and lessons. Were these guys absent during the lessons on right versus wrong? What I am proud of is that since my launch into the social media realm, other like-minded security professionals like Tracie Bennett are looking for this subversive behavior and calling it out. Thanks Tracie for protecting the industry from itself. This industry is lacking that fortitude for fear of being ostricized by their peers. Thank you for standing on the side of RIGHT!

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  1. Martinus M. Mitchum

    It used to amaze and bother me that these kind of people even exsist in this business. What is so disheartening is that these kinds of people are the ones who continue to give the people who are trained and work hard a bad name. It’s people like this who gives the good folks the title of “all y’all are the same!” What’s worse is that someone, somewhere is going to say that this guy is doing a “great thing” by exposing the troubles that “bodyguards” go through on a daily basis. This is sickening.

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