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I subscribe to many websites, blogs and newsletters. My interest is to gather intel and perspectives from various ideologies and institutions. I follow countless security and military sites to maintain active conversations and dialogue from experts in their respective field. No one can hardly be surprised at my genuine interest in the security sector, however my military curiosity is not from being a goof that wants to live vicariously through the Special Forces community, but to learn from the mindset of a warrior. There is a concomitant relationship with a warrior mindset and the mindset of a Specialist, believe it or not.

Some of the sites that I follow or are registered to are Powerfulpeace, Kit up, Blackwater Weekly , Tactical Response [Get off the X Forum] and The #HonorthemDaily newsletter. There is much gained from these sites for me. It is not all running and gunning but a variant of ideas and perspectives that can make any specialist well rounded. There is another site that I follow called Death Valley Magazine. This forum is very much “to the point” and is not for the weak at heart. In fact there was an article recently explaining how silly and stupid it is for people to wear the ever popular “Infidel” shirt. It made perfect sense to me.

In the most recent issue I clicked the civilian contractor hyperlink and ran across a very interesting article,


If you are a contractor using Facebook, I encourage you to read this article. If you read the article still find skepticism in it, you should still find more reason to exercise OPSEC on your own personal lives and family members when traveling abroad. The honorable job that you are doing is construed as a conduit to the overall hate that lies deep in the hearts of those that want to do us harm. I am in no way validating the article or the actual Facebook page, but what I am saying is that it is a perspective that you should look at.

Anonymity is tough for any specialist and contractor in this business. Coming back home and melding quietly back into society is a rare breed in our industry. The exceptionalism associated with the overseas task is hard to keep hidden under a bushel. I personally know of specialists and guys from the SF community that go over and above any measure to remain anonymous and deny their current and former responsibilities. I also know that in this business you have to market yourself in order to get your name out there. Just be careful.

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