Is the aspiring Specialist like the aspiring music artist?

Over the last week or so I have spoken to experts like Mark James of Panther Protection Services about the silent majority of the Silent Professional community.  On the NABA page that I have been talking about over the past week there is a significant anomaly.  As I have mentioned before, there are well over 600 members yet there is a miniscule percentage that actually interact on a regular basis.  Part of the problem could be the way that Facebook has their pages set up.  According to Larry Snow of SJC Webdesign, LLC, Facebook is set up that notifications of active comments and posts will only reach those that are actively participating and to the friends of those that are participating.  This is part of the problem from my point of view.  Many of the members have no idea what is being said because if they are not regular visitors and contributors NABA will not reach their timeline or in their notification alerts.

While I look at this issue it almost reminds me of the toils that an aspiring music artist may go through.  Constantly looking for someone to invest in their music, believing that they are the next ” Big Star”.  Specialists are constantly looking to be picked up and used.  Others that are working from time to time are like the artist that have released a CD but it wasn’t the hit they hoped for.  That being the case they are constantly trying to prove themselves other than a “one-hit” wonder.  They are constantly pushing their resumes like the independent artists pushing their own CD’s out of the trunk’s of their cars at every event.  The comparison may seem odd but there is some similarities in the two.

I will opine that there are jewels hidden amongst the lost nation of silent- SILENT Professional industry,  They just have not had their first break and there are those that have had a break but may have aligned themselves within a network that is also struggling to stay busy.  This is a very tricky industry with many of the trappings of a fool, yet there is a huge wave of leaders, experts, and specialists that have aligned over the last couple of months that making the way easier.

The core group of experts and leaders that I have hitched my wagon to have big plans to push this industry to a GREATER place.  Stay tuned to this blog.  Encourage others to subscribe to the blog, like the BPI Facebook page as well as follow me on twitter and the BPI Security Youtube Channel.  After talking to Larry Snow I have decided to change the YouTube channel weekly announcements to reach more of the industry and client base.  Stay tuned.

There is a saying, “Each one-Teach one”  I want to change that a little bit and ask that “Each one – Reach one, to teach ALL”  Get int touch with your colleagues and encourage them to get involved so that we can do bigger things together moving forward.

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