It’s the jockey and not the horse

Let’s say you are at the Kentucky Derby and you have a favorite horse that you intend to bet on.  You’ve been following this horse’s results up until the biggest day of horse racing.   On the day of the race you find out that your favorite horse’s jockey, “Mr. Ethical Professional” was unable to race that day do to unforseen circumstance where he was injured by another jockey who cut him off during training.  You believe in your horse anyway and go to the window and drop the cash on your stallion, “Executive Protection” to win.

The race starts and “Executive Protection” is strong out the gates.  At the first turn she is still neck and neck with “Cheaper rate” and just ahead of “Untrained“.  The race goes down the back stretch and you can see that “Executive Protection” doesn’t look like she did in the past and is missing something.  The race is over and there is a photo finish between “Cheaper rate” and “Untrained” with your horse – “Executive Protection” in 3rd.  You are trying to figure out what went wrong.  You horse has always been a strong starter and finisher.  Further investigation revealed that your jockey for the day, “Mr. Catfish” was not a trained professional and had no business on “Executive Protection”.  Your mistake was you bet on the horse and NOT the jockey.  Regardless of how strong a runner your horse “Executive Protection” is or was even if she was riderless she had no chance of winning.  Mr. Ethical Professional is the EXPERT rider for her and LEADS her to every finish line she has won.

It’s time for everyone to bet on the industry’s jockeys.  “Executive Protection” will win in this race as long as you bet on the jockey and NOT the horse.  You have no chance of winning by betting on a  riderless horse nor betting on the right horse that is commandeered by the wrong jockey.  No matter which sector or niche of this industry you find yourself, there are a handful of qualified jockeys prepared to win this race.  If you have been losing and need some direction contact me and I will direct you to the right person.


  1. Miguel Denyer

    Eric… excellent analogy, and very, very true!

    1. Eric Konohia

      Thanks Miguel

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