It’s just the way I do things

All this week I was blogging snippets of Tommy’s maiden voyage that has resulted in his receiving numerous accolades from colleagues in the industry.  As I put the spotlight on his first adventure, I received emails, texts and voice messages from specialists in the industry asking for the same shot.  I could not respond to all of the inquiries and tried as best as I could to do so at the end of each late night.  So that I am clear,.  I NEVER put a new face in front of client like this past week without me being on the detail.  There are other details that I assign other qualified specialists as the detail leader where I may insert an FNG, but never on a complex detail like last week.  There are a couple reasons why.


  1. I don’t care what school you have attended-The real training starts on the detail and book sense is only a guide and glimpse into the principals of executive protection.
  2. The only way anyone can do it the BPI way is by seeing and learning the BPI way.

Tommy is a prime example of someone that I mentored for months prior to attending TheMTMS executive protection school.  He continued his daily mentor-ship consistently since his successful completion in October 2011.  I would drill him daily on EP “Principles\Principals” to make sure he fully understood the craft and the BPI way and mindset.   Even with a year of interaction with me, this past Tuesday through Sunday was nothing he was fully prepared for.  We can talk about comfortable shoes until we get blue in the face, but until you actually feel your whole body break down from 18+ hour days, a conversation on shoes makes no sense.

We talk about doing hasty or quick advances, what is needed makes no sense when I arrive with the Principal and I start asking you questions that are 30,000 feet above your advance.  When I ask you to facilitate a covered arrival, do you make arrangements for the covered departure?  Many venues, when approached correctly will accommodate a covered arrival.  Someone from the venue will facilitate the arrival by having a venue representative oversee it but if you don’t make arrangements for the departure you may have to wait for them to free themselves from their regular duties in order to handle the covered departure.

The EP mind is a master chess player that is always 5-6 moves ahead and that cannot be taught in class.  Many so called seasoned specialists pick up bad habits or shortcuts that are not acceptable in the BPI way of doing things.  It’s already bad enough that we have to accomplish more with less resources, less manpower and NO authority.  All of our authority is “perceived” authority by the people we interact with and that’s the bottom line.

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