It’s Kumbaya time for the Protection team

Ok….I spoke about the topics flourishing on the NABA site, to the point that it gets heated at time. Fortunately, there is enough oversight by professionals to keep is guided yet every now and again someone with come in and fire off some undisciplined rhetoric. It is funny that in an industry where attention to detail is critical- the attention always comes back to THE TALE of training. I agree with Tony Scotti that says we are a part of our history, meaning our backgrounds. The issue becomes that some of the “backgrounds” are coming into question, yet no school names have been mentioned. Here is my take on this: There is alot of banter floating off the Internet about schools based on personal attendance or specialists working other specialists from these schools.

It all comes back to buyer research. Specialists will navigate through hundreds of sites to buy a mil-spec screw for a front site for their weapon system but will not do half the research on their training. These same specialists will research Corinthian leather in their cars before making a purchase, yet when it comes to this industry the bells and whistles on a site suck them in. School websites are NOT the only way anyone should make a choice to attend. Look and research the instructors of the course. Have they done what they are teaching you. Every handgun instructor teaching weapons course that has never worked an EP detail may not be sufficiently equipped to teach you defensive weapons in an EP school. What is it that you want to learn? What are your expectations? Ask former students what they thought of the school. In doing so, do NOT mistake the fact that they may not be working as a reflection of the school they attended.

The last thing I want to talk about is this. I enjoy the back and forth on these strands, yet personal opinions are starting to overwhelm solid topics where specialists can learn. Some of the topics that are started take THOUGHT. If you are lost before the subject gets started, maybe you should watch and read and then learn. Maybe somewhere within the conversation you can see where the dialogue is going. I can go back to each conversation and see how the train got off the tracks and then the original dialogue is lost in rhetoric. Personal opinions based on an experience or solid fact is good. Opinions based on generalities and unsubstantiated basis only proves one thing- you just want to be heard for the sake of participation and have nothing to add.

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  1. Beth Hatcher

    I find that often you will see the same people take discussions off topic, they rant and rave but yet have no real substance other than they want attention. On occasion I have seen people trash a training program simply because they did not have the moral compass to attain that schools standards. Hence they feel victimized.

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