It’s not a Direct Action mission

Don’t let your tools become weapons. Weapons have many uses within and outside this industry but I want to emphasize that in this craft they are a tool first. Your primary weapon is your brain that is fully armed and sharpened with the requisite training to know when and how the tool becomes a weapon.

I am afraid that many specialists have converted what we truly do into “direct action” missions. In saying that, wires have gotten crossed in their brain housing group whereby it’s almost punch/shoot/cut at all costs. When you are properly trained at the onset of your career the priorities of protection will never be second to terms like ballistics, mil-spec, FPS etc and will be dominated by terms such as consult, alert, shield/move or evacuate AND force continuum.

I will never dismiss the importance of tools in this industry and God knows I have my share. However, I am always reminded if the core principles of protection whereby if used properly it lessons the potentiality of resorting to my slung, kydexed or sheathed tool box.

This is not a hunting expedition nor is the craft a direct action industry. Gear is likened to football equipment – it’s the training and prowess of the runner that makes the difference. He eludes confrontation with his training. It’s not the helmet. That’s for his protection.


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  1. Six

    My brain is my greatest weapon everything else is just ammunition. Our mantra is and has always been threat avoidance vs. threat engagement. An escape beats an encounter every time.

    1. Eric Konohia

      True indeed

  2. Owen

    Good post Eric. I had this discussion recently with an associate, the weapon vs tool distinction is part of our core mindset.

    1. Eric Konohia

      Thanks Owen. That means alot coming from an AK47 builder who can tell that platform can dictate that a weapon is a tool.

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