Juggling the EP balls

20121118-075629.jpgThere are times in this business when you feel like you are juggling balls, rings and fire batons in a 3 ring circus. It’s been that way since Friday.

I’ve been working on a finalizing last minute measures for one long term client, doing interviews, mentoring and still trying to have some level of social media relevance. In the process I had to back off the blog for a day or so. I didn’t want to just blog for the sake of putting anything out that had no relevance.

I will be back behind my desk tomorrow. In the meantime I have agreed to oversee and manage a high profile event for a potential client in February – Pro bono. I know that some of you are twisting your faces up right now and saying, “why would you do it for free?” The truth is, I have done other major events for free in the past. I’ve worked a major military event held every year in Washington, DC. I have also worked on one of my own details, where all of the other specialists were billable slots and I just mirrored the team to assist. This was an opportunity to elevate one of my other specialist to the role of detail leader. I just shadowed the group to assist where ever needed.

A long standing client asked if I would consider helping with another high profile group coming to DC after the new year. The nature of the visit and the profile of the group was a no brainer for me. In fact if you are local and want to be considered, drop me a line and we can discuss.

This is a perfect opportunity for anyone that wants to get a chance to work with me and see firsthand how I manage a large detail and large event, up close and personal.

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