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20120919-081749.jpgYesterday one of the members of the Facebook NABA forum posted that he was rather disappointed at the fact that he had sent his resume to a protection service provider regarding employment. He said that he was a little miffed when they replied, “take a look at our training, it only costs …..”

I had him send me his resume and clearly according to his resume he has been trained BUT it was mostly high threat protection. He had taken 2 WPPS courses and had spent much time in the “Box”.

Not knowing the company and how legitimate they were regarding providing service, I could easily see how they may have seen that he needed to take an executive protection course. This is not an insult to his training because he took courses from 2 highly reputable companies. However here is the nasty truth – working overseas under the PSD umbrella does not automatically make you qualified to transition into private sector EP. Sure you may have all the skills and abilities. But the approach is different. There is no difference between this case and specialists who have EP experience at the highest levels who want to do PSD. It doesn’t matter how good you or your friends that you are. Guess what tough guy, you have to be trained.

I took this gentleman on as his mentor because he was forthright with his misunderstanding of why he was offered a training course instead of immediate employment. I’ve already made one immediate recommendation and with his approval I will track his progress.


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  1. Rick Knowes


    I appreciate all the positive things you do for this industry! I have never met you (Some day) but you are top notch when it comes to this industry. You always speak the honest truth without “Beating around the bush”! Again, Thanks for everything you do.

    1. Eric Konohia

      Thanks Rick. The industry needs more attention paid on the things that matter outside of guns, bullets, bombs and karate chops.

      I voice my opinion to give a perspective so that others can see another way

  2. Raffaele Di Giorgio

    Sometimes it’s not a matter of the skills. It’s a matter of the verbiage. For all of those that are following the same path. Make sure that you emphasize the skills, knowledge and abilities that are required for the position you are applying for. Not all executive protection work is created equal. There are niches in this market, just like any other profession. When switching from stateside work to OCONUS, celebrity, high net worth individuals, rappers, country music or religious organizations.

    It is important that you speak to your target audience and not to your former audience.

    For those that are still looking for work. I highly advise that you go through the history and previous postings on this site. You will find a wealth of information about how to address resume and application issues.

    Also, please remember that the information gained off of this site is not a substitute to proper training. It should be treated as additional knowledge, but not the base of your professional career.

    Good luck to all

    1. Eric Konohia

      Spoken from the view of a true professional that understands the industry, OUR (yes our) history and how WE move forward.

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