Keeping the “executive” in executive protection-pt 3

Over the last 2 days I’ve gone over terminology, language and definitions of how we should operate and define the “executive” in executive protection. Today I want to get in the “executive” presence of executive protection. Notwithstanding, the attire and proper dress, the “executive” is that je ne sais quoi or that undefinable elusive quality in the specialist.

Attire is important but it is window dressing when it truly comes down to the foundation of the edifice. A tailored suit, Versace tie, and Ferragamo shoes does not make the specialist nor does it satisfy the meaning of “executive”. The suit doesn’t make the specialist, the specialist makes the suit. In fact the “executive” can still exude in jeans and boots. The “executive” is the execution of all factors in one elite package. Too often people in this industry focus on the garnishing and not the quality of the meat. The cut, the preparation and attention to detail of all matters before it is plated and presented is the real quality.

Let’s cut through chase here. The craft is THE top tier in the security industry. There is nothing average about what we do or expected to do. All rules and expectations apply within and outside the industry. From training to operational we have to push the “executive” in executive protection. No disrespect to out brothers in uniform security because there needs to be high expectations there as well. But the EP specialist is an ambassador to excellence.

Leaders have to set the standard from every aspect. Whether its social media, briefings, training or social interaction it is very vital to continuing to stress the “executive” in executive protection. Specialists are looking to us for guidance. There are many ways to give gentle guidance without being disrespectful.

The word protection without the true “executive” preceding it can mean anything. However true executive protection can NOT be mistaken from anything else.


  1. Kevin Jenkins

    if i see an EP specialist in Ferragamo shoes, i’ma think twice cuz i know how uncomfortable they are to be in all day. They look good, cost a lot, but damn do they hurt when you are on your feet for 10-12 hours a day.

    1. Eric Konohia

      As a client rep Kevin you have seen many specialists in your journeys. You do pay attention.

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