Knowing the “Business” side of the Industry Business

Man studying in a libraryI had a great conversation with a specialist this morning whose name I will keep anonymous.  He and I have had many talks before relating to the business [nuts and bolts] of the business side of the industry.  Not once did we speak of training, weapons, gun control or any of the other seemingly topics of choice amongst today’s specialists.  Our conversation started with license choices, rationale and fiscal responsibility in making that choice.  I gave him my perspective on smart personal choices, financially smart business choices and my personal thoughts on that.

Do you really know how the business is run before you plug in that pigatail?  Do you know or even want to know all of the paperwork, contracts and requirements that are set in place before the first boot is on the ground.  Do you truly understand the value and worth of THE NETWORK.  It is far more than a list of names of go-to people or industry personalities.  I have names and numbers of people who are alleged specialists, that I keep in my phone so that I am alerted when they call.  I can choose to answer or avoid.  Yes, it is true, there are some people in the CRAFT that I will not waste a second of my time with.  Harsh you say?  I say it’s smart business for me.

The business apparatus of the industry inside the business of security is the REAL brain trust of how companies survive.  Companies may run their business model differently but when you get past that, all of the wheels and cogs in the machine are pretty much the same.  When you truly don’t understand how that is supposed to run, the wheels are surely going to fall off.

I encourage you all to start to understand the inner workings of the CRAFT and the industry.  It’s far more complex than what you think.  When you get a better understanding of how it is run, I can almost guarantee your focus on expanding your status will change.  The industry is changing as this blog is being written.  This is not just for the specialists but also directed to service providers.  20 year old business models have to change and evolve in order to keep up with the industry

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