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I read an article, “Top Reasons Veterans Don’t Want to Work In the Private Sector” that was tweeted by Jack Murphy twitter.com/@jackmurphyrgr. I read the article and found the reasons that the author wrote were valid but I think that there are a couple other reasons that he has left out that I have experienced as a business owner.

The camaraderie that is forged in the military is rarely if ever matched in the civilian sector. Most of these relationships are lasting and can transcend from one branch of service to the other after a few minutes of dialogue. If you add a war zone deployment in the recipe, then the separation from veteran and civilian chasm widens. No matter what our choices are in life we tend to veer towards men/women of like attainment. That is one of the things I think that he left out. Veterans as well as former police officers tend to fraternize with their kind, which brings up reason number 2. When we look for help or assistance we tend to go to those individuals that we trust and value their opinion. In most cases we go to those that can help us and know what we are looking for.

When I left the Maryland State Police, the recommendation to go to Vance International came from the father of a trooper on my team. He already knew where I would be go to use my skills. It wasn’t a job at Walmart or Home Depot but in an industry where I could find a fit among other former law enforcement personnel and military. I was never in the military, but I grew up in a military home and worked with former vets in the Maryland State Police.

The irony is that the industry is full of former vets who have found a home amongst their own. There are groups within groups in industry whereby some companies gear most of their employment to miltary and SWAT type skill sets. If you can remember in the recent past when Blackwater’s exposure in the news, vets overflowed the employment lines in order to make the money Prince was offering and the ability to work for and with one of their own.


  1. Bill McNeely


    I completly agree with your comments

    1. Eric Konohia

      Thank you for following and your service

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