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20120920-100649.jpgHow do I say this? Let me start by saying that there is, as I’ve said before, a pricing scale from a provider to client perspective and a provider to specialist perspective.

Often times the limits are pushed on the top end by over zealous personalities in the industry claiming that the threat to the client requires a higher rate. Then you have the catfish network that kill the bottom end of the perspective with under pricing. Either way, they’re both killing the reputation of the industry.

I’ve spoken to specialists that have worked details for less than $20 per hour. Now I know that hard times call for hard decisions, BUT $20 an hour is a later 1980’s 1990′ rate. Anything less than $20 an hour is NOT EP pay. If you are a company owner that is professing to be an EP provider and you are calling guys for gigs under $20 an hour do not sugar coat it as EP. That’s disrespectful to the industry and to the specialists you call.

I’d rather do the job voluntarily to help you out than for you to label me as a sub par operator. If I do that $20 an hour job for you ONE time you will always label me as the go to trash pick up guy.

For those of you who do these jobs you may never reach that pinnacle position in that network because the business owner does not see you as a premiere specialist.

This blog will probably disturb a few company owners out there, but I’m calling it as I see it.

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  1. Billy


    Well said brother, I see a lot of this out here in Los Angeles. Some of these companies out here take advantage of the fact that times are hard and work isn’t plentiful, but then they wonder why all of their good agents are leaving. Thanks for the articles they are truly appreciated.


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