Motivation before going HOT

I have asked this question of people in this industry from time to time just being curious. Is there any pre-detail ritual that you go through prior to starting a detail? Is there a specific soundtrack that you listen to, a certain meal?

For myself I am very different, in that, I review the next day’s agenda the night before I go to sleep. I sleep with the next day’s event on my mind. On the day of I always get up early and watch the local news stations and start visualizing the entire day’s schedule as I start getting ready in my room. Short of any OTR’s (off the record movements) I go through every portion of the day. That way when the day unfolds I’ve already been there mentally and now I can focus intently on the environment and any audibles that need to be called. The EP playbook stays the same however the game plan for the day is the itinerary.

As I have spoken to specialists over the last 5 years it is clear that more guys that work high threat environments or PSD operations follow their own ritualistic preparations than that of specialists who work permissive details in CONUS. Is it because the stakes are higher? Is it because those guys are more used to doing work-ups in their previous careers in the military and others are not?

One of the strangest things I also do is I always know exactly what I am going to wear and don’t have to rummage through suits, shirts and ties on the day of the detail. If I am on a traveling detail I line my suits and shirts up in the hotel closet based on the days in the AO. I never fully unpack my bags no matter where I go.

What are some of your Pre-detail rituals that you go through? Is it a certain soundtrack that you listen to that gets you dialed in?


  1. Josh Lee

    We share a few similarities in this arena. I always review agendas, advance work, etc the night before….same with wardrobe….I have what I’m wearing ready so I’m not wasting time I already don’t have. I try to get in a workout first thing, whether it be in my hotel room or the gym if the situation permits. Getting that “pump” and blood flow going is a great way to start the day. I also make sure I eat something after my workout that is going to give me a good amount of nutrition and energy throughout the day. If it works out, I eat a big breakfast…if that’s not possible, I put down a power bar or Myoplex and some sort of juice,Gatorade and my One-a-day vitamins.

    1. Eric Konohia

      I purposely left out the workout part because thats my everyday routine whether on a detail or not. But I do get one in while on the road

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