My first day on the National site produces a discount to YOU!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog I have transitioned over to the North American Bodyguard Association’s National Site. I wandered aimlessly for about an hour getting my profile together as well as figuring out my strategic approach. Once I get my plan together “I’m all in”. What does that mean? It means that I will start sharing this blog to a wider audience, scenarios will be shared with a larger group that will get a different perspective on how protection is viewed and performed. There is no secret that in principle Europeans approach approach protection slightly different than we do.

When I worked at the residence of the Saudi Arabian Ambassador I got my first introduction to the Brits who worked for the Saladin Group. The head of that entire team was a very straight forward, no non-sense, cut and dry individual known as “Taft”. If you know anything about the Brits, they rarely if ever use their real name, but the name “Taff” meant something to every member – American or otherwise when you heard he was on the property. The prim and proper personality of the British coupled with a stern respect for the C.R.A.F.T. produced a “Gentleman” with Gibraltar standards. The Europeans are pretty set in their way of providing protection so my perspective could be met with raised eyebrows, BUT there is always something to be learned from both sides of the coin.

MTMS teaches the global proprietary team of one of BPI’s Fortune 1 companies. The student cadre is always a mixture of Americans and Europeans. In one of the past courses we had 2 former British SAS soldiers in the course. At the end of the course during the debrief [Students give their input on the course] both of the SAS gentleman applauded the course content and its delivery. One of them in particular stated that the course suffices the need of the new and seasoned specialist. That statement still resounds in the back of my mind. If their version of our Special Forces felt that way then the message is pertinent to anyone.

Mark James shared yesterday’s blog on the NABA Facebook page whereby later that day Elijah Shaw posted a discount code [naba-aug-31] that is good until the end of the month for anyone that wanted to follow me over. Don’t let that opportunity expire on you. Invest in your career if you are serious about it. I know of one person that took advantage of the offer so far and I am sure that there will be others. 3% of the specialists that read my blog will respond [Doers], the other 97% will waiver and wait to see if the investment is worth it [reluctant]. That percentage is often reflective of how people approach their careers. There is nothing wrong with that if you are full aware of your outcome: Slow to respond=slow results. As I stated before, there will be offers, documents as well as manuals and DVD’s that will ONLY be available on this site by yours truly. Membership has its privileges.

As a personal pledge and to show that I am a man of my word I will personally email the newest BPI insider’s secret document, “BPI Security’s Top 10 Secrets to building Client Relationships” to every specialist that joins the National NABA site. This offer will end on August 31, 2012 at 2359 hours. Once you join send me a message ON the NABA site with your name and personal email address and I will email you the “BPI Security’s Top 10 Secrets to building Client Relationships.” This is the formula I use for EVERY client that I have.

Lastly, do me a favor and shoot Elijah a note and let him know you are joining the National Professional network.

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