My orders have been given-I’m focused and getting my Kit together!

I got the OpOrder yesterday and I am clear on the mission.  I have my kit ready to go and I have read the rules of engagement and the insertion date.  NO, it is not a detail, but there are specific details and targets that I need to hit.  My orders are to write another article for  the magazine.  We volleyed a couple of emails about the topic where I was going to focus on more strategy.  However, when the response came back, “Can you write on “X?”  my eyes popped open wide and I got excited.  Can I?  You damn right I can, with pleasure.

For those of you who are subscribers to this quarterly periodical you already know where this article will appear.  For those of you who don’t, not only will you miss this article but you missed last quarters edition where I wrote the article. “State of the Union”.  I won’t say the name of the magazine, nor will I expose the subject matter of the next article but you need to ask around to those, “in the know” specialists that get the magazine and maybe they will tell you.  Or you can go to that magazine’s website and get a copy.  Better yet, you’re better off getting a full subscription and invest in your CRAFT.  Maybe, just maybe the leader that runs that conglomerate will post a comment and let you know what I am saying here, but really not saying.

As I have stated over the last couple of week’s I am tenaciously working on several projects on top of my administrative and operational responsibilities to  BPI.  I have given you a glimpse of some of them and have received a couple emails of interest.  Don’t miss the opportunity because it won’t last for long and won’t repeat itself.  If you feel that you have learned from the blogs, posts and videos imagine how much more you can learn when the subject matter is specific to your success.  Learning how to get in and out of cars, walking a formation is great, but if you have not ordered your steps properly for success, you will only be reading the blogs and not doing the blogs.  Think about it.

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