My personal definition of the Network [Noun]

One of the phrases that I use in this industry is “Your net worth is only as good as your network.”  This idea came to me after I launched BPI as a company.  I was an exception to the rule because I was in the right place at the right time.  As I have stated before I was a full-time employee for Vance International, who at the time was undoubtedly the premiere Executive Protection service provider at the time.  There were several other training schools that flourished but most of their business was based around that- the training aspect.  Vance trained their employees and it wasn’t until later that they opened the doors to training “Lone Wolves”.

When Vance decided to get away from full-time employees I was given the opportunity to sub-contract under them to fill details.  I had fallen into a valuable network.  I had established myself as an reliable asset who’s work ethic they valued.  In performing my duties I networked [verb] myself into a great Network [noun].  The noun variety is what I am referring to in the phrase I often use.  Other words that could be used in replace of Network are: Clique, organization, group, clan etc.  A Network is a group of trusted service providers, and specialists that rely on each other to make their businesses flourish and keep independent specialists busy.

You have to “verb” your way into a good network.  Meaning you have to constantly network in order to land in a good Network.  Networking [verb] is an art and does not mean that by joining a forum, an organization or email list is sufficient networking to stabilize yourself in THE Network.  Let me also say this; your behavior also can have a negative networking effect on your career.  Let me give you an example of great networking by a person who, to my knowledge, probably does not sent his bio/resume on a daily basis BUT his expertise and networking has landed him in Tier-1 and Tier-2 networks.  Raffaele DiGiorgio has established his solid footing on the stateside provider network in light-speed.  He entered the NABA site as a quiet professional chiming in, and adding value strategically.  He rarely if ever posted about his ventures, vast training and certifications that he had accomplished.  Then one day another Operator from Raffaele’s Tier-1 Network vouched and verified Raffaele in a post.  I am sure that the majority of the NABA site missed the 5 line vetting, but it carried like an echo in the National Cathedral.  I use Raffaele as an example because he joined NABA after me and I watched him zig-zag his way through many mine fields on the forum and always end up unscathed and ready to treat the wounded with kind words of leadership.

Having Raffaele in your Network adds “commas” and not “zeroes” to your net worth.  However, I would imagine that before Raffaele enters any network he is conscious about what value the Network can provide him.  While am on this specific area let me say that value can also come in a non-monetary form.  Having experts and leaders readily available in your Network as mentors or someone to bounce ideas off bring value that you can not measure.

So let me close by this-“You have to verb [network] your way into the noun [Network] in order to increase your noun [networth].


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  1. Leon S. Adams

    Always spot on with your insights, Eric. Thanks for the reminder. Stay safe.


    1. Eric Konohia

      Thanks Leon

  2. Robert S White, cps

    Well said and appreciated. Although there are various places and ways to train some better than others having all kinds of training and or expertise is awsome and great but has no benefit if you cannot network within making great contacts and landing work. I appreciate your words of wisdom.

    1. Eric Konohia

      You are correct Mr. White and well said. Thanks for following the blog

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