My real name is Eric Konohia

But I am known by a couple call-signs, one assigned and a few I gave myself.  Regardless of that everyone knows that when you hear, “Pineapple” you know it is me.  Lately if someone refers to the nomme de guerre “Corporate Beard” people are associating that with me as well.  IF, for the last year and a half I had been writing this blog under the name “Gilbert Dingleberry” would you have taken it seriously?  I’m just asking.  NO, the powers-that-be would have butchered Gilbert and asked who is this person.  My style of writing coupled with my less than discretionary tactics would have brought more attention to the blog, but less credibility to who I really was.

So why hide behind a name?  It is easier to say things in the dark with no chance of retribution and shame.  Negative attention can come in many ways.  The uneasiness of some of my blogs will make anyone who feels I am talking about them to make a self check of themselves even if they disagree with what I have to say and how I have said it.  But in the end you know Eric Konohia stands on his positions.  Conversely, I have had several off-line conversations with leaders in this industry who have caused me to evolve my position on things and I am not ashamed to point those things out.  To show my change in position, I readily admitted that in my matriculation in and through this CRAFT I had always taken the position that Protective driving was an “add-on” training.  I have since changed that thought process even to the point that I personally feel that protective driving and medical training should be a prerequisite before taking an Executive Protection course.  I am in no way suggesting that pre-existing schools out there should use this as a stop gap before someone enters their school, however I do suggest this to persons that ask me how they should order their steps.  A proper protective driving course coupled with some level of medical training WITH a good EP course are what I call, “Separators” to the decision makers who hire, contract and listen to you as a Specialist.  Even if that same person does not enter an EP school he/she still has training that he/she can use in their regular lives.

I use the word Specialist instead of Agent or Officer because it implies that the individual specializes in more than one facet of the industry.  A surgeon is a doctor who- OPERATES, a trainer-TRAINS, a shooter-SHOOTS and a specialist-specializes.  I am not digressing from the title of the blog because at the end of todays blog you know that Eric Konohia said it and not Gilbert Dingleberry.

I am Eric Konohia and I stand by my messages- WHO IS THAT GUY?

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  1. bob steadman

    Could not have said it better. I’m one of these specialist that doesn’t fit into a specific mode. I’m mainly a firearms trainer, but I also do threat assessment, internal investigations and at one time was a cop. This is my skill set, but in lean times I’ve worked basic security down to cleaning toilets To say it’s a quick ego popper going fr om making close to six figures down to minimum wage in a manner of weeks is a shock to the system.I believe you can never be to proud to make a buck at anything to feed your family. II strive to be the best in what I do every day.

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