OBLThe other day a news agency located in the upper north east quadrant released the names and addresses of registered gun owners in counties of one state under the FOIA [Freedom of information act].  Almost immediately, an attorney in that same region retaliated and “doxed” the names and addresses of 50 journalists of that news agency.

My personal Facebook timeline was flooded by the links of both articles from people who stand on both sides of the aisle on this issue.  Last night, I direct messaged a very sharp specialist that I have been interacting with recently and cordially asked him to remove his post on the NABA site under the premise of professional neutrality.  He immediately understood and thanked me for coming to him.  We direct messaged each other for about 10 minutes where I explained that I understood his attempt at bringing awareness to this disclosure by the news agency, however I believed that by posting the link we perpetuate releasing personal information even if it is open source.  In my personal opinion it violates a core principle of what we are charged to do – PROTECT.  I also informed him that he could have written a post on the matter and had the same effect on relevancy without the personal plotted information.  There are other open source sites out there that actually overlap protective intelligence information over google earth.  I don’t share these sites and only use them for protective intelligence purposes.

This specialist was the only one of many that posted the link that I felt had the requisite MINDSET to understand NEUTRALITY and be receptive of what I thought was a better choice.  There are long-term vendor relationships that are splitting and parting ways on this matter because lines are being drawn in the sand to protect reputations as this matter unfolds.  We have to let the politicians and pseudo politicians politicize and the news media RUSH to report.  We have to maintain our sectors and PROTECT and provide solutions.

Just my 2 cents.

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