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I posted yesterday a a prose on the NABA Facebook page: Excuses are tools of the incompetent, they build bridges to nowhere and those who use these incompetent tools are masters of nothingness.  There is another one that applies to today’s blog as well.

When you’re up against a trouble, meet it squarely, face to face; lift your chin and set your shoulders,  plant your feet and take a brace. When it’s vain to try to dodge it, do the best that you can do; you may fail, but you may conquer, See it through! Black may be the clouds about you and your future may seem grim, but don’t let your nerve desert you; keep yourself in fighting trim.  If the worst is bound to happen, spite of all that you can do, running from it will not save you, See it through! Even hope may seem but futile, when with troubles you’re beset, but remember you are facing just what other men have met. You may fail, but fall still fighting; don’t give up, whate’er you do; eyes front, head high to the finish. See it through!  Edgar Albert Guest

Yesterday I was introduced to Noah Galloway by a Facebook follower – Billy Martin.  I had posted a video of a soldier that had been critically injured during the war and miraculously recovered.


After I posted that touching video, Billy Martin introduced me to Noah Galloway.  Both are very inspirational stories and give us an appreciation for what we have and what these gentleman sacrificed for us.  I am posting these so that YOU [member of the CRAFT] can stop, look at your situation in this industry and GET UP and make it happen for yourself. Update your resume and bio. Expand your networks and stop waiting for networks to come to you. Take that course you’ve putting off. As the NIKE slogan says: JUST DO IT.

I introduce you to Noah Galloway who got up and DOES IT!

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