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Often times when traveling abroad with a principal we will check him/her in well before their arrival.  In many cases depending on the profile of the client we will check them in under a fictitious name to further secure them.  In the past I would put a block of rooms in my name but I changed that process after further thought.

Depending on your protectee and his/her room requirements they may always request the presidential suite which, depending on the level of hotel you are staying, may limit any eager or illicit searching to a limited number of available rooms.  Regardless of this I always consult with the principal’s assistant and even the principal about holding all calls to that room.  Most high end hotels will not direct a call to a room when someone specifically asks for Mr. Smiths room, but you need to make sure of that.  If a caller asks for room 501 the receptionist will normally just connect them.  What I will do is have all calls to my principal’s room directed to my room.  Hotels are not secure and their phone systems fall in that category.

Anyone that needs to contact your protectee and knows he/she is on travel will normally call their cell.  The truth is that most Americans are veering away from using hard lines outside of their office.  I can’t remember the last time I have ever given out my home number.  In those cases where I have given out a business card I always preface the conversation with, “It’s better to reach me on my cell.”

As an additional measure I always cut off incoming calls to my room as well.  If the phone rings I know it’s either the front desk or a room to room call.  In most cases it’s safe to answer.  I personally feel that if I allow incoming calls to my room and someone with less than honorable reasons calls and I answer then they know that I am at the hotel and it’s a safe assumption that so is my Principal.

Depending on the principal if my he/she calls for room service I advise them to let me know so that we can oversee the the delivery process.  It does not mean that I taste the food and run biological tests on it but it lets the hotel know that we are not taking any aspect of his or her security lightly.  We recently did a detail with DS and had a post outside the principal’s door.  All guests had to be pre-announced as expected and escorted to the room by a staffer.  This was a protectee that had made arrangements to do meetings in his/her room daily and their was a legitimate threat on them.  The entire floor, for the most part belonged to us, so anyone getting off the elevator and turned left had to deal with staff and security.  Just remember that the elevated footprint brings upon unsolicited interest.

Much of this blog is part in parcel a repeat of other previous blogs but the time is upon us when many of our principals will start traveling and the RON [remain over night] scenario becomes part of our preparation process.

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